PUBLIC ADVOCACY: It’s morning in America

President Obama
President Obama

It’s morning in America. Turning a new page. Organizing for our future , developing a newspaper to reflect progress on the community & state level as well as progress on the legislative front.

The Money will come from, crowd funding, political war chests, democrats,  republicans,  independents , The President and  “we the People”.   If you care about Obama’s legacy you will organize for change. If you care about the Republican Party, you will organize for change and help them “look good”.   Whether we are Democrats, Republicans or Independents,  all are welcome to participate under one tent.  All of our ideas and concerns matter,  as we unite to find common cause:  The Resurrection of the Middle Class!

Ronald Reagan said it first and his message was clear:  “The Best social program, is a  productive job!”  Read Nicholas Kristof’s comments:

If President Obama would send an expert  to train me and a core group , we  can help train everyone. This is a work in progress from the ground up. Everyone welcome.  I’m convinced, organizing for Resurrection of the Middle Class, is our #1 Job.

We need the best help to organize our selves into networks as soon as possible. We are doing this for America but the whole world will be watching our progress . As I traveled thru Britain and France they said they were looking toward AMERICA to lead the way out of recession and their deflationary spiral;   they are scared. They are in worse economic shape then we are. Migrations of  Europe’s youth are landing in London and Paris to find work. There are no jobs in Italy, Spain, Poland to name a few of the Nation’s with migrating youth. The competition for jobs is fierce as the hospitality, retail and service sectors continue to absorb them.   The European youth is looking at us, America , hoping we will show them the way out of Recession.   We can do it , but we have to work to together.

Time is of the Essence!   In two years I want us to see the sunshine again and know that we’ve gotten to 10:00 am. I have several proposals for change , which will be presented in my next Post.   Wishing everyone the best.  Looking forward to working with “new ” people in an exciting adventure.  All the best.  Joyce

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