PUBLIC ADVOCACY: ” the Voice of Joyce”, Revenue Capture for Job creation!

Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14
Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

I listened to the President’s speech and he confirmed that “The Middle Class needs it’s own Newspaper and a Grass Roots Political Movement” that includes Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

While I agreed with some of the tax reform proposed. They are too small to effect real change in America.

  • If we want to mitigate or adapt to Climate Change, then I would propose a Carbon Tax on fossil fuels and Carbon Emissions. I would also propose the elimination of oil subsidies and royalties. The amount to be generated is $640 Billion. Enough money to fund new work in infrastructure and alternative fuels.  Starting 2016,  millions at all wage scales could return to work. If we can dream it, we can do it.
  • Tax fast trades and derivative trades and take risk and insider trading out of our monetary system. Create stability in the Market and level the playing field. The traders are now making $ 2 Trillion in profit. Too big too fail has gotten bigger. Let them keep a trillion, give the country a trillion by adding a tax on their trades. It could be similar to a sales tax , anywhere from pennies to 35 cents per $100.00 bundles.  According to the WALL Street Journal, Fidelity investments wants to join with Black Rock and Chase, to create their own ” Dark Money Pool”.  One can only ask, if they feel they can’t compete,  what happens to the rights of the small investor?
  • Money Managers Led by Fidelity Close to Launch of Dark Pool

  • Overturn Citizens United. It’s interesting, so many of us want to see a return to “one man, one vote, yet if we protest in the Supreme Court, we are disobedient!  Where are the Senators, circulating petitions for it’s overturn?  Why aren’t they actively organizing groups around the Country and insisting on an amendment.  McCain – Feingold prepared a campaign Finance Bill.  Perhaps it’s time to review it!  It is impossible for Congress to do the People’s business ,if they work 3 days and lobby for funds the rest of the time?

By tackling the big issues that effect us, we are moving forward on solid financial ground recreating workable of laws , developing projects which create Millions of good paying jobs now. There is no reason to stay with the status quo. We want change and let’s be willing to work for it now.

I plead with you, dear readers,  to join me.   Support ” the voice of Joyce” and together , all 300,000,000 of us can move forward together. Secure that we are in fact, resurrecting the Middle Class, that’s the goal and ” we the People” benefit .

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