PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Grass Roots activism and “our” Newspaper: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE

Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14
Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

I listened to the Presidents speech last night along with the major Historians on Channel thirteen. one thing was clear, The country needs a grass roots movement to reflect the wishes of the middle class. This movement should welcome all people from the entire nation; include Republicans, Democrats and  Independents. We need to join hands from sea to shining sea and discuss the issues that effect us. Develop a strategy to send new activists to Congress, beginning on the local Community activist level and working towards recreating a State hierarchy of candidates.   One thing is clear,  congress is not going to change laws if they don’t have to. The power must come from the people to restore government ” by the people , for the people”.

I ask all activists groups to join together under one banner, to elect local officials and then to elect representatives based on American values the Middle Class wants restored.

As a part of this new movement we need a newspaper.  . This newspaper would employ a minimum of 10 investigative journalists and would report on the true state of our nation. Our journalists would contact or be the  experts in many fields;  such as:  tax and financial reform, educational reform, voting rights, infrastructure, the list continues…. The object is to propose several legislative bills to start moving our state of inequality toward the center and balance. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Will you join with me? Contact me at : . We are AMERICANS working for American progress , dedicated to resurrecting the Middle Class. It is indeed morning in America, we have a year in a half to show results.

I urge everyone with marketing skills to contact me. We need an effective team to create and help fund these two entities: a newspaper and a political network based on issues that will shift the balance of power back to the Middle Class.

I will simultaneously present these ideas to Crowd funding, but all politicians may contribute to our efforts along with corporations,  President Obama, and you dear readers and the general public.  No amount will be too small. We will develop a new system of political networks and contacts independent of the polarized left and right, a system that addresses the needs of all Americans., ” jump starting”, the process necessary to correct the imbalance created by overturning 40 years of Laws favoring Corporate America rather then “we the People”.

Together , we can create a “power base” throughout our Country, united by a common cause and  one goal: The Resurrection of the Middle Class and jobs. As I stated, Time is of the Essence, we have less then two years to implement change. The longer we wait, the less likely significant changes in our work force, our wages or climate mitigation will occur.

I personally will need $5,000,000, to start,  to develop a newspaper to be read by everyone , detailing our progress on issues confronting our citizens and our progress in all our states.  Our mutual  concerns will determine the legislation to be passed to overturn our state of inequality.

The second phase of this project joins all diverse activists groups in every state, joins them together to unite and plan political action from the community level to statewide action. We will change our selves to change our world. ” I call it the dance”. Our old ways of interacting are not working, we have to change the way we interact with each other. There is no yesterday, there is only tomorrow.. If we want a resurrection of the Middle Class we have to interact with each other.   Contact me personally if you are interested in becoming an active participant.   This second phase , our networking together to designate “new”   Community Leaders and State representatives, will take the place of existing Congressional Representatives .  I estimate a minimum cost of  $10,090,000.

As we develop organizations,  it is responsible pay people for their involvement and travel. I, too, will travel around the state’s to listen to your needs and convert those needs into legislation and report back to our newspaper!

    A Newspaper : “the Voice of Joyce”
    A Political network that identifies and elects grass roots activists at the Community and State Level.
    Presentation of  legislative bills to congress for passage with the full backing of the people. Representation in government once again, ” of the People, for the People”. All the people!

If we don’t try, we will never reverse our state of inequality.   A united country can do anything.
I’m happy to be the ” go to ” person, call me and I’ll be in your state helping to develop your platform. In another Post, I will detail my proposed ” wish list and goals”. There is money available for change, it’s  sequestered to perpetuate our State of Inequality.  When “we the People ” change laws,  Trillions of Dollars  will be available for the benefit of the Middle Class.   We can raise our GDP and prevent the deflationary spiral Europe is battling.

Since we are in dire straits and everyone needs additional income , money that comes in to support our nationwide network will be disbursed to those people working toward organizing this network. Get involved , spend time creating local and state networks and get paid for that effort. It is right and fair to pay folks for their Extraordinary commitment to their country. Certainly nothing less then $15/ hr. to start and depending on the job. Since we will be grooming future leaders and writing legislation, payment in kind is fair. That’s the plan. I’d like to have every state delegate write me with their needs , a date for an initial meeting by March 15 th and a group meeting with those looking to work with me on the newspaper.

This is a large project !  Our lives depend upon our success! You have a choice, you have my voice and politics does effect us!

All the best . Joyce.

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