PUBLIC ADVOCACY: We hear, do we listen?

Photo on 3-26-15 at 12.12 PMWe hear but we don’t listen.  Bibi NETANYAHU won an overwhelming majority in the Israeli elections.    Herzog and the left  have an opportunity to become  a vocal opposition.  Bibi stated there would be no Palestinian State until there was peaceful cooperation between their two peoples.  Sounds reasonable to me.  The Arab platforms , vying for Knesset seats, representing 400,000 ARABS and minorities, won big time based on a platform of moderation.  The Arab minority, just like Israel’s left, want to place the Economy first.  They are no longer concerned with bombastic rhetoric, they want jobs and peaceful coexistence.

Call me an optimist, but I see this election as a turning point in internal Israeli affairs.  Finally, all Israelis are involved   No more denial of facts on the ground, everyone has a voice   Israelis want to live in peace with prosperity, but they are concerned about the fighting on their borders.   Three fronts with the potential to erupt into warfare;  that’s the external threat.  Knowing nature abhors a vacuum, it behooves the Israeli people to work together with those in their neighborhood also seeking Peace.   I listened and I heard Bibi and the Israeli people respond.
Our reaction to events in America concern me more then events in Israel.  The Israelis will demand the change they want.  They are not silent.  What about US?    In America,  where our media interprets Policy pronouncements , it’s hard to hear what is said.   When Janet Yellen said interest rates will not rise until the Economy improves, the market reacted. Uncertainty has always ruled the marketplace, but we should listen carefully.  If the economy doesn’t improve, we will not see a significant raise in rates.
Why do we, the American people remain silent?  The prognosis for our Economy is not good.   Why do we remain silent while major corporations,   the “banking Industry” and equity firms get the Lion’s share of our budget and our wealth,  assuring that our Middle Class standard of living declines?
  • We should be fearful that too big to fail has gotten bigger.
  • We should be scared that big business and big Agra get tax breaks and subsidies as young people seek entrepreneurial jobs, because there is no place for them in the corporate world.
  • We should be scared as we continue to subsidize fossil fuels at the expense of clean energy.
  • We should be scared that  $1 trillion in student loan debt exists.
  • We should be scared that credit card debt and car loans may be the next bubble.
It’s time for Us to be involved. Politics effects us. Just like it effects everyone, no matter where they live.
On a lighter note:  Join me this afternoon, as I attempt to use Twitter’s Periscope at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  All the best.  Have a great day everyone!

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