PUBLIC ADVOCACY: CORPORATIONS  have become a ” Cancer”?

Photo on 4-7-15 at 12.27 PM #2As predicted, there is no financial news to report.   Nothing of consequence except IRAN, diplomacy and money at work.  Why do we want a nuclear treaty with IRAN,  to stop arms proliferation and to promote business opportunities for American businesses and foreign entities.  Meanwhile it’s business as usual in America.

The stock market soars to ever lofty heights, anticipating cheap oil., while the Country languishes and waits. What are we waiting for; the election of 2016, the next dog and pony show. Why not use this time to take a small step toward Resurrecting the Middle Class?
The Middle Class has been forgotten by those in power, by corporations, as they pursue new markets.   The American people are not given a second thought as jobs continue to be outsourced by major corporations.    Perhaps our real allegiance remains with our fellow Americans, those who are disenfranchised and now feel that their freedoms are being denied. Their alternative is a return to the Mom and Pop store, that may be our salvation.  As we return to our old values, we may have many ready and willing to resurrect the middle class because the Market Society has cheated decent folks all over this Nation.
I never thought the right and the left were far apart.   I believe we share a common cause.  We have  all been ” exploited ” by the Big Corporation.  My son calls the growth of big business in this country and globally, a cancer, and perhaps he’s right.  Like a cancerous cell, Big Corporations  have been fed,  nurtured, and  grown exponentially. If a Corporation were a living organism,   if you cut off it’s blood supply (revenue & markets), the cancer (corporation) dies.  Well it may be time to look at the Corporations dictating terms to the American people and say, ” no more”.   We can stop their feeding off the “Public Teat ” and rein in their influence and control over us!   It is more desirable to  resurrect and support the Mom and Pop stores.   Real people, with real American values, who  supported their Communities and each other.    We can create favorable taxation for small and medium sized businesses so they can flourish once again.
  Just think, if tax subsidies were removed from big business and used for entrepreneurs and small business development we’d have a “trillion extra dollars”  in our coffers.  This money could be accounted for and distributed to real folks for real projects, then you would have the Resurrection of the middle class.  Sure we’d have some failures, but if you structure the use of public money correctly, the Public could continue to profit from the success of a large investment.  Tesla was a missed opportunity, but we needn’t make the same mistake twice.  The next Tesla owes the American people  a return on investment through a  preferred stock distribution. The exact mechanism to be determined.   We take losses on new ideas but we make profits on successful ones,  balancing out the Public’s investment.  It is a win win for America.
I hear,  I’ve listened and I too want a return  to old values:   religion, charity and social justice; people values.      Finally, Big Business has revealed what we knew all along, they are only interested in Corporate Profits.   The way to curtail their power is to change their tax structure.  Time to wean them off the public “teat”.   No more sequestering of Trillions over seas.  They need to be reminded that they are American corporations with an Allegiance to AMERICA.  That old movie Network, has played itself out in real life. (listen to my Post dated 2/21/14)
Remember as we purchase cheap goods from Walmart, they employ people at wages so low, we are subsidizing their employees:  the public is paying  for  Walmart employees’ food stamps. While Walmart gets a pass on paying customer Sales tax, “we the people” are subsidizing Walmart once again.  Through a customized tax exemption, Walmart is allowed to tax their customers and keep the tax money collected.  That money accrues directly to their bottom line.   That money is part of their profit.  Wouldn’t it be nice, if   Walmart paid the equivalent of that tax money to their workers,  so Americans wouldn’t have to subsidize Walmart employees?
If you’re a Mom and Pop, you have no option,  you pay the tax.  That’s another % deducted from small business’  bottom line.   Why are they more deserving of the money then us?
Those who  have lobbied Congress for customized legislation which allows them to evade laws that you and I must live by do not care about AMERICA or Americans.  They don’t have decent values.   Change the tax laws that favor them and start recreating a kinder gentler society.  Resurrect the Middle Class. We can do it!
 Thanks for reading and following me dear readers.  I do hope my Posts have represented your thoughts and concerns.  All the best. Joyce

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