THE VOICE OF JOYCE: Corporations aren’t People, they have no Heart or Values!

Photo on 4-7-15 at 12.27 PM #2Corporations are not people.  They don’t have our value system.  They don’t care about religion, they worship at the alter of Money and their God is the bottom line.  They are not American, though ” we the people” have paid for their comfortable existence, they have no loyalty to us.  Their loyalty goes to  the next biggest market.  It matters not where they do business; Cuba, Iran , Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.  Corporations follow the next emerging market they’ve created.   They go where the profits lead them.  There are no human values to be found in the heart of a Corporation.  Sure Humans may fuel Corporate growth, but they are dispensable to the overall working of the corporation.  That’s why, Corporations are flexible and have no boundaries, any human can replace any other human, change the locale and increase Corporate profits.

As long as the Corporation continues to function like a Pernicious cancerous mass, it will grow and destroy everything and everyone in it’s path.  Corporations are insatiable, their appetite is voracious.  Look what happened to the Middle Class, we were destroyed in their wake.  But it doesn’t have to end with our destruction.  The Middle Class can be resurrected.   We can rise again!
By halting the enabling of the Corporation  ( think : corporate taxation), we can re-create wealth mobility through job creation at the Middle Class level.  Think what a Trillion Dollars will purchase in this country,  if judiciously accounted for and responsibly spent.  At these low borrowing rates we can fund school education, infrastructure; not just marshes, roads and bridges , but the internet and electric grid, space, alternate energy sources, medical advances, etc.?   By developing our skills we can produce the next Einstein rather then mourning his passing into obscurity for lack of food or education.  Think what a great place we’d have,  if we stopped worshiping the Corporation and looked to that old time religion for our values.
We could create an AMERICA based on old fashioned values of integrity, self worth, a good education, upward mobility for all, inclusion of our diverse population.  All this is possible if we stop feeding the Cancer, that takes all that we own and gives almost nothing back.  We could have a secure Democracy where one man one vote still counts.  We wouldn’t have to stop voting or voting for the lessor of evils because without Corporate money in Politics, one man one vote would have our blessing and support.
The Possibilities are endless,  if we think creatively about the money that can  be used by  the American People for the benefit of “we the People”.  We can do it,  we can have a Middle Class with Middle Class values , if we stop feeding the Corporate Cancer we have created and start feeding our people instead.  Thank you for reading,  dear followers.  This is morning in America and I believe we can create a fine day.  God Bless you.   I have listened to you speak!

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