Joyce: America Speaks: Our Platform & Persistence

Dear Followers:

I’ve reprinted my Blog Posts , reflecting my views and yours,  on an ethical inclusive purpose driven way of life. Elect me President, you’ll know where I stand on the issues.


I do listen!  If you’re point of view is different then mine, I listen, I hear and if your facts are persuasive, I’m flexible.  I want the Resurrection of the Middle Class.  I want a cohesive country capable of recognizing the “other’s”  right to exist in harmony.  We’ll never attain perfection, we’re human.  But we can reach an understanding about what’s right for our Country.  I’ve enclosed several archival Posts for your review.  If you wish to understand my “politics”, read my Blog Posts or listen to our discussions on Periscope.  My life is an open book.


Continue reading.  I’ve evolved with you over these years,  post 2008.  I wish I could convince you of the urgency of our plight!  I wish we could all meet and form cohesive groups to unite the Middle Class.  I wish “America Speaks” becomes a political movement for change in our society.

This is the beginning of our way forward!  Join me!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”











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