Joyce: ” America Speaks” Audacious Hospitality

We are a party of audacious hospitality, we accept everyone, we bash no one, we want the Resurrection of the Middle Class and relief from the debt burdens placed upon us.


It’s time to consider progressive taxation. Less tax for those earning $250,000 and below and more tax for those earning a $1 million and up.  No more exclusions for Hedge Funds.  They should be paying tax on their income.  Would I be open to a reasonable “flat tax”, yes.  The numbers must be justified to relieve the tax burden of the Middle Class and create accountable  meaningful revenue.


The payroll tax should be applicable to every tax bracket not just the first $ 118,000.00 Then we would never run out of money for Social Security, MEDICARE and Medicaid .


The State of Israel

I am bound to Israel’s survival .    Israel has a right to exist and AMERICA will support her as long as I am President.  Dennis Ross, said America’s relationship has been rocky, but doomed to succeed.  That’s not good enough.   We will participate in continuing talks with Israel and the Palestinians, to take the stigma of a Colonial power off Israel’s back and eradicate many myths.    I  support Israel’s efforts to live peacefully with the Palestinians and her neighbors in the Middle East. Whether Israel becomes a one state solution, like us , or a two state solution as proposed,  America should acknowledge their right to exist and support their efforts as a Democracy.


We will encourage human rights for all here and abroad and court the moderates in the World.
We will aggressively strike deals with our friends and support them diplomatically when their shores are plundered. One planet , with  190 plus nations must coexist.  That  is my goal. Water is our most precious resource. No life can exist without it. Acknowledging this fact, we will work with all Nations to promote the latest technology for water reclamation and preservation. This is our planet and we are all custodians of it’s resources.

We should strive in foreign policy to do good. Yes we need might , but more then that , we need to establish ourselves as the world’s arbiter of choice. We want Nations to come to us to resolve differences before they become major conflicts. We will turn no one away and become an honest broker in every region. That’s how we will wield our might; judiciously  and with  compassion, ever mindful of human rights.


With a universal draft we can enforce our rights and I will when necessary, though I prefer Muscular Diplomacy!    I want to know the World’s players and work with them individually to stop terror before it begins.
My wishes for a Just Society:

  • No more unjust incarceration for minor crimes.  We will fight wrongful incarceration, taking the financial incentive out of the legal process.  #Blacklivesmatter / Equal Justice for all is required.
  • Affordable education of high quality for all. The student loan program to be reviewed allowing kids time to repay reasonable loans at low rates and at a small percentage of their salary. We will work with large Universities encouraging them to provide lucrative scholarships to the middle class
  • We will encourage teachers to teach our children once again supporting them as educators. Fair pay for a days work applies to everyone.
  • The middle class will no longer pay for farm subsidies or other corporate subsidies .
    We will fight the monopolies and tax inversions that limit citizen choices and eliminate jobs.
  • We will fight citizens united . We want one man ,one vote.  We want public financing of elections and easy access to voting places, allowing weekends for voting.  It’s a thought.
  • We will fight for laws that make gun and weapon sellers responsible for weapons used in mass crimes against innocent civilians or any crime of murder against innocents. If MADD works against alcohol abuse,  why not  establish a similar program against the selling of weapons ?   The  gun dealer knows who purchases his weapons. Perhaps , if weapons dealers were required to report their concerns prior to selling the weapon, knowing they could be an accessory to a future crime, saying something when you’re a concerned citizen, may curtail future gun murders?” If you see something,  say something”. Fears and insecurities in the general population could be curtailed.
  • Through taxation and financial reform we will create stability of the monetary system now,  not in 6 more  years. Now is the time for fiscal responsibility. Now it is time for 6% taxation on derivatives and millisecond trades. Get the risk out of the system. It is also time for Banks and Bank like entities to shore up their capital reserves.  Perhaps we do need to re-instate Glass Steagall?  It was ineffective, because it had been weakened by the  Fed for years.  Each  Fed Chairman from Volcker to Greenspan, allowed the Banks to degrade and break the law.  According to the Fed now, Banks  need 1.3 Trillion to shore up their assets.  I say do it now,  not by 2022.   They’ve had 7 Yrs. to act responsibly. Bank reform is essential to the stability of our great Nation.  They are no longer too big to fail.  The next crash is their responsibility to clean up!
  • Corporate tax reform, getting rid of loopholes and changing taxation is essential. We want reform. We will not be punitive but we will not create monopolies or tax inversions. We want market competition and choices for our food .  Monopolies limit our choices and create higher prices for consumers with a limited workforce. Monopolies are a win win for upper management and a lose lose for their worker.
  • We should not have to legislate pay or vacation or family leave or healthcare for Employees.  These rights come with the job.  If one Corporate officer receives these rights, they become the rights of the employee.  I know, I was in business and I did provide these programs.
  • The American people will no longer subsidize AMERICAN workers when it is the Corporations responsibility to provide fair pay to its workers.
  • Banks will lend to responsible earnest individuals.  Additionally, I would encourage the formation of Community Banks, established by the People for the needs of the People:   to finance entrepreneurs and home buying. Home ownership will be  encouraged as we reestablish good paying  jobs in our country while rebuilding our infrastructure .  This term is used loosely, since it could be roads, tunnels, bridges, trains, our grid, co generation plants, green technology, the list is endless.
  • We are neither mitigating or adapting to climate aberrations, we are servicing our people by providing clean air and water and safe food and safe drugs, etc.  This list is long as well.  We don’t want to have “red alert smog days”, nor do we want millions of wasted poisoned food, or unsafe drugs.  Federal regulations must make our environment safe and livable.   As work becomes concentrated in the cities, as we continue to build, we must remember to build infrastructure to accommodate the increased housing density.  We should be modernizing our subways and creating “smart cities”, tracked by smart computer grids.  Much of this rebuilding, can be  funded by our tax on derivatives or  by a removal of oil ,  gas and coal subsidies, or by removing tax abatements from LLC’s that purchase apts worth $25,000,000 and UP!
  • We will no longer pay gentleman farmers not to farm.   We will encourage young people to  farm, whether in urban areas or on vacant land, left by the blight of “destroyed” homes”.  Diversity in food is our right.  If I enjoy it, why shouldn’t everyone be privileged to eat good fresh produce?   Why not make affordable regional food available to everyone?   The benefits are huge as we create a healthier less obese population.  Less diabetes and obesity would be immediate. A healthy well fed population is able to work harder and maintain family values that we all profess to cherish.


Let us work together to support this platform.  It will take a real commitment in time , talent and money to fight  for the Middle Class and middle class values !   Taxation with representation is the basis upon which our Republic was built. No more lobbyists, we want full time legislatures. No more outside influence in politics. We will attain a “goldilocks” government , if we take the cronyism and the fundraising out of  government. We want government by the people for the people. One man one vote. We want checks and balances in our system of government forcing congress to work with the executive branch and making laws to benefit the people not special interest groups.


Electioneering  to be shortened to one year. All  elections to be funded by a public option:   no more outside influence.  No need to canvas the folks back home except when everyone else goes home for holidays to press the flesh of constituents and ask them how you’re doing. We  want a return to ethical behavior in government and  business.


I grew up with those values. They made me feel secure. Laws should be structured to encourage ethical behavior. Legislators should be full time employees , making laws and assuming responsibility for the well being of their constituents and the Nation.

We will determine the strength of our laws and define them by the society we wish to create. If we are compassionate we will listen to the will of the people and our laws will be just. We are a free democratic society.   We stand for equal justice for all .  Let us practice that compassion in our laws.  Let’s return black men to their families,  if they have committed non violent crimes.  Let’s recognize that we are a multi racial,  multi cultural mix of all people who have escaped oppression. Tear down the stereotypes. Let us no longer be bound in our bodies or in our minds . We are all human,  entitled to the pursuit of life Liberty and happiness.
I am a moderate,  I want a bloodless revolution. Neither party has served the rights of the middle class. we are a large voting block and by our numbers , we should be able to state loud and clear our wishes for our future. We are no longer remaining silent,  we will be heard. The society will change and some may feel our pain but in time we will have established a cohesive AMERICAN society with stronger bonds . Happier and more secure , AMERICAN’S  can live with dignity creating our future, proud re tellers of our stories. As this era of strife recedes and our new republic takes shape based on a Constitution that has lasted and endured for centuries,  AMERICANS will proclaim with a full throated voice , “Long live the United States of AMERICA”. Long live “we the people  “!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


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  1. I believe that people earning between $150,000 and $250,000 are not paying their Fair share of Federal income tax Chad

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