the Voice of Joyce: Are we ” Human”? Or pieces? 


Dear followers:

I’ve posted Norman Rockwell’s illustration of the Golden Rule, to remind us of our common humanity.


I understand many walked out of the film ” Son of Saul” a brutally honest film about one man’s quest for decency among the dehumanization of his fellow “man”, in the “killing fields “of Auschwitz.

Whether it’s on the killing fields of Auschwitz , or Syria, or the Streets of America or some past battle, war takes it’s toll. The ” pieces” ( human beings) are to be dragged, cleaned up, cut up, disposed of. They are no longer human beings . Their lives , their names are erased, they are now “pieces” .

Dehumanization allows man to ignore his humanity in the face of barbarism. Is that the society we wish to emulate or do we wish to use our intellect to create a just Society? Do we Accept Tom, Dick and Harry, including Mary?

  • Our choice when politics effects us.


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