Joyce”America Speaks ” : TR and our Platform 

In 1912 TR split from the GOP to found the Progressive Party “Bull Moose”.   AMERICA Speaks has split from both Parties to form a Centrist Party that includes DEMS, GOP and Independents; everybody!    Our Platform like TR’s is simple, we want to Resurrect the Middle Class.

  • Thru Corporate  & Fiscal tax reform
  • Fiscal Reform
  • Direct Democracy by the people, using Referendums, Petitions and Write in Campaigns
  • Judicial Recall by over riding a Law by popular Vote
  •  We are Anti Corruption/anti lobbyist
  • New Nationalism through great National projects

TR’s platform’s  main theme was “reversing the domination of politics by business interests, which controlled the Republican and Democratic parties alike.”   “To destroy this invisible government , to dissolve this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”  Sound familiar.  (reference Wikipedia)
Someone asked me last week on Periscope to define our goals for ” America Speaks” and detail how we would achieve those goals.  Dear followers: Let’s think out loud together.


We have so many reasons to create jobs. One has to wonder what happens to the Billions distributed by non profits? Where and who benefits from their funds? A billion dollars at $50,000.00 per person creates 22,000 jobs.  What happened to the original stimulus money meant to help “we the People”?


We no longer have to question what happened to the Billions and Trillions? They are not going to we the people ,  we know who is benefiting.
Everyone, I’m sure has heard about the Corruption scandal In NY State. In Pennsylvania, the system is equally corrupt and so is the State of New Jersey. Three major States and $100,000,000’s of Millions to billions spent on graft, lobbyists, hedge funds and crony capitalism , as money circulates among those in government and their business and Banking connections.  Why didn’t they think about the needs of “we the People”?  No wonder,  “we the people ” can no longer be swayed by Political Party loyalties and “their” bullies.


  • We have been fooled. As surely as the JEWS were led to the gas chambers and told to shower before eating their hot soup, we have been conned. ( Sorry about the poetic license, I just saw ” Son of Saul”. A powerful film about cruelty , inhumanity, depravity and one act of decency . )

The divisions between the Parties is a diversion to keep both our eyes closed. “We the people” have bought into the propaganda , the hatreds, the divisions, for what purpose, you may ask? It serves to divide us as  the Lobbyists, Big Business and Banking and Bank like structures and the politicians reap the benefits at our expense. They have crippled our Economy by pursuing their lawless culture,   customizing legislation for a few, all the while castigating the middle and lower classes for a lack of “family values”?
We have a choice, choose to reelect the same people to office without accountability to “we the people ” once again , or use our Constitutional Rights to reinstate Laws by Popular Vote?


Our wish list: What do we want?

  • Dedicated legislation to help the Middle Class now or actively support term limits for Congress ( 10 yrs in the Senate and 6 yrs in the House of Representatives) .
  •  The end of lobbying and the revolving door from government to big business . A 7 yr hiatus was on the books in 1996.  It was eliminated and our culture of greed became unleashed.
  • Over turn Citizens United.  If Congress is unwilling, we the People may overturn this law ourselves, through Judicial Recall and Petition.    We need 3/4 of the State’s or 2/3 rds of the Senate to Amend the Constitution overturning this Law.   I’m constantly bombarded with Petitions to overturn this Law , as you may remember I paid $5.00 only to learn, the money went to the Democratic Party and they started taking $5.00/ month  out of my credit card without my authorization . I’d like to know how much money was collected by  these petitions ( they are circulated by both Parties) and who benefited and what is their progress?
  • We want monetary controls in place to prevent another fiscal collapse.  Implement a  tax on Derivatives and high speed trades. Reinstate  Glass Steagall, so we don’t have to wonder” are Banker’s acting on our behalf”?   Eliminate conflicts of Interest.   Taxation first, then the elimination of Derivatives, substituting an insurance policy perhaps?
  • Transparency of High Speed traders algorithms , not just to Congress and the Fed, but to all of us. We want transparency in the Market Place and a price to pay for creating too much risk and inequality.  I don’t think 6 cents on every $100.00 is asking too much.  We want to decrease risk and inequality. Creating through taxation close to a Trillion Dollars in federal revenue.


We want a massive accountable jobs program to create infrastructure in the Northeast and wherever it’s needed throughout the Country.   We desire full employment with benefits .

  • Plus we want  a good education for all our children.

Science is right, climate and water are a primary concern. 11 of 33 major aquifers in the World are going dry. The scientist who recognized the Big Short , years before the fiscal collapse , is now watching the World’s supply of water closely. Resources for life may be going scarce but rather then being afraid, we should look at this opportunity to create more jobs.

Tax risk now and stop inequality. Add to the $550 billion infrastructure program which should have “Feinberg like ” accountability for the projects created in order to document the numbers of people employed at all income levels. We want Total accountability of the money received ;   the designated project and  the number of people employed to bring the project to completion. That’s where a newspaper, like The Sunshine Project or Pro Publica , would be desirable and informative. I know, when I led Ford’s anti corrosion program, every senior manager involved in the project was accountable to Ford’s operating committee for the implementation and use of 300 new products. We had a circulating newsletter detailing progress , beginning with a letter recommending the product and ending with a standard of manufacturing for every product used in production. The project was closely followed from conception to implementation. Whether we discuss infrastructure projects or manufacturing, the process is the same.

This should be step one. We the people cannot remain silent in the face of tyranny.  Start Direct Democracy , as” America Speaks” , and   vote old faces out of office and new faces in. Use write in ballots.  Let’s  write our own future. Politics effects us!  Recognize it and act to resurrect the Middle Class.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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