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Dear followers:


Why do we fear ISIS ?   From my observations,  we are anti life as well, just more subtle. 

  • So , we don’t behead our enemies or prisoners
  • Nor do we  destroy Museums.

We’d rather watch silently as our Society destroys lives, sometimes bluntly with a weapon and other times we watch spectacles of human suffering without noticing or losing a step!

  • 22 Veterans commit suicide each day.
  • 34,000 citizens are  shot  yearly. Murders have increased in our 100 Major cities, localized to the poorer communities.
  • We don’t provide mental health services to those in need or traumatized.
  • We have the highest mortality rate for child bearing women in the World.
  • We allow unequal education for the poor
  • We’ve said nothing as our work week declines to 34.5 hrs a week, making sure the working poor and Middle Class stay poor.
  • We fail to provide adequate health care to all of our citizens. Favoring Insurance and Pharmaceutical Monopolies over health care providers.
  • We watch Presidential side shows,  as if 360 million lives enjoy entertainment , while many are dying from the heat, contaminated water and contaminated air.
  • We say technology is taking away our jobs, yet we have inadequate broadband and Internet connections.
  • We have not provided decent IT or managerial support to vital institutions in Government , the Military and our Cities, while  we  prefer to revel in the Clinton email scandals?


What gives us the right to feel superior to all other Nations and individuals?   We , Americans ,  are inhumane to 359 Million citizens.    Vice President  Joseph Biden said , “LaGuardia Airport ”  was representative of a  3 rd World Nation.


I would not insult emerging Nations , when we fail to upgrade 150 yr old infrastructure.  Technology is not taking away our jobs, or the bread off our tables, stupidity and selfishness are the culprits.  We pass laws that enable Crony Capitalism and their Monopolies to wield power over us,   by structuring the Rule of Law to their advantage,  at the expense of  their shareholders, the once thriving Middle Class and the poor!

Sorry for venting and leaving you, dear reader with a partial list of grievances.  However, it is my belief, that no one should be self righteous,  unless and until,  we change our Laws to promote equal justice and equal opportunity for all!!!  #AllLivesCount


See you at 11am!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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