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What’s new: all the news in brief:

Coal miners with Mesothelioma: there maybe an alternative to a lung transplant or waiting to die by getting into one of the immunotherapy trials.  It’s worth a try and would expand the numbers entering cancer trials.Info may be obtained by contacting Sloan Kettering, John’s Hopkins and Merck.


Condoleezza Rice has come out questioning the need for the 2nd Amendment.  That is commendable and shows a significant split with CPAC.  Kudos.

#NeverAgain has legs and requires everyone’s support.  Our lives depend on it. 3% of 30% is a small population (3 out of a million) and should not dictate the laws of our Nation.  If Corporations are distancing themselves from support of the NRA, shouldn’t “We the People” name and shame those in Congress who depend upon NRA funds for re-election?  As part of the suffering and dying Public, do not elect anyone who supports the NRA.  Wayne La Pierre’s message rings hollow and extreme.


Those Tax Cuts. Buffett warned against them , but said he’d take the money, if given.  Berkshire Hathaway with a market cap of $500Billion just made money on tax reforms, $29Billion.  Berkshire had paid 35% in taxes; now they pay 21%. Great deal for some American Businesses.  Buffett has said he didn’t want the money but would take it.  At 87 yrs old, he’s looking to invest $116 Billion in new business.  Berkshire always puts money into existing businesses.  He’s old school value investing.  Now he cannot find a good thriving business at reasonable pricing.  “As he stated, he’s keeping his powder dry”.


New Orleans is decreasing in size.  Houston may be next.  New York had a 74 degree day last week and Idaho just agreed to teach climate science in schools.  The Department Of Defense is tracking our weather and estimates $ 100 Billion is required for Navy Infrastructure.  Hope some of their budget is used widely,  since Naval bases are imperiled by rising tides and flooding.


Meanwhile, five states can’t afford to pay their teachers plus healthcare.  Why should teachers and the rest of the working or non-working public be strapped for cash when Big Business profits?


The unknowns, Fannie and Freddie Mac, pose a risk to taxpayers , if the mortgage market is at risk.  Part of the problem is that they’re under capitalized and wealthy highly leveraged buyers are part of the mix.  If the stock market tanks, who bails out the home mortgage market?


The Russian meddling dilemma is not resolved by GOP Congressional obstruction.  Some of the GOP are not taking Russian meddling seriously or they would support Mueller, the FBI and the Justice department.  What they’re doing is undermining our Democracy and not protecting the midterms from further Russian intervention.


Social Media requires transparency.  They should and we the public should know who pays for ads.  Foreign intervention, bots and trolls, should be banned along with hate speech that incites violence.Twitter is taking the lead on cancelling bots.  Who’s next?


With many unstable mostly young white males owning assault weapons, hate speech against Jews, minorities, Democrats, and liberals can end in death.  That’s how terrorists are successful.  They merely state their mission and disrupt civilization any way they can.  If the NRA does not want to be viewed as promoting death, they should listen to 70% of the People and change their messaging to CPAC.

Some of the news that’s fit to print.  Charles Koch is lobbying for the Dreamers.  Thank you.  We don’t want to forget or lose our kids.  They are our future!


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