America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am A psychologist, stated we must be happy to achieve our potential? What do you think? Are we being treated fairly by our employers, Society? How do we overcome our State of Inequality?





I learned something new. It applies to all of us in a Capitalist society. We can be skeptical,  Maslow, a psychologist , in 1943, hypothesized , “If we don’t satisfy our basic needs for food ,water, and housing our psychological needs can’t be met either. If neither of these necessities are met , we’re human, we lack self esteem. Lacking self esteem, we can’t achieve our dreams,or our maximum potential ,or our creative potential. “. What do you think, dear follower. Does this theory sound plausible?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Happiness:

“This pyramid of Happiness and self actualization is attributed to psychologist “Maslow”  His image of man’s psychological needs, is used as an illustration to educate us.  We need economic and emotional basics to achieve our potential! ” Picking yourself up by your bootstraps, doesn’t always work.

For individuals, if you’re struggling from paycheck to paycheck, your needs  are not being met , you’re too miserable to care about anything. On the societal level, this is a lose lose. The potential of 360 million is lost , as “we the People “. wallow in man made misery that benefits a few.

Imagine how much richer our Country would be, if we all benefited from each other’s realized potential. Together we could mind source the solutions to” Our State of Inequality” and avert a Recession.

I may be a lone voice, but I don’t have to be alone. Why not join me and overturn current policy that holds us back from achieving our potential? Vote out of office anyone who denies your right to food, water, a Living Wage, Healthcare, Education and alternative energy solutions. Why should “we the People” feel disrespected and abused? Why be impoverished, in mind and body ? Why suffer needlessly? Why enable the already wealthy and their corporations to benefit from our suffering?   We need money , too, to purchase the necessities of a “good “ life.

In 2018, Vote as if your life and livelihoods depended upon your vote. It does. Don’t vote for anyone who prevents you from achieving your potential. We can and will do better given policy that supports “We the People”. #RockTheVotesForDEMS2018.

Thanks for reading.

Up for discussion:

  • Are Uber workers employees or contractors?
  • Has the Corporation been robbing us of real salaries and benefits, while they use their $Trillion tax breaks to buyback their stock?
  • Should estates, totaling up to a $ 100 Billion  and up, pass tax free to heirs?
  • Don’t all these practices contribute to “Our State of Inequality “?
  • Demand more and we can reverse our State of Inequality.
  • Vote for DEMOCRATS 2018 and we overcome the influence of money and Lobbyists in Politics.

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3 thoughts on “America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am A psychologist, stated we must be happy to achieve our potential? What do you think? Are we being treated fairly by our employers, Society? How do we overcome our State of Inequality?

  1. Joyce, I had to respond to this post from 10-15 where you said you were a lone voice preaching about the alternatives to our state of inequality, minimum wage increase, health care and education reform, jobs, voting rights reform, as well as new infrastructure plans to your followers. That’s just plain wrong! Dems like Booker, Harris, Biden, Cuomo, Pelosi, Lewis, and many young up and coming candidates are all talking about these very issues all the time. They’re all over the country in small towns and big cities, on talk shows and news programs, in magazine interviews, everywhere campaigning for Dems running and for the issues. You should be glad you are not a lone voice. Rather you are one of many many voices across this country, female, male, white, black, Latino and Asian, straight, gay and transgendered, all Democrat and Independent who are fighting the GOP Trump agenda and all of its racist, zenophobic, homophobic, white nationalist agendas with everything they’ve got. Yes, this is a war, a cultural/geo-political war, one this country hasn’t seen since the 1960’s. And on Voting Day in November, we will see who wins round 1. Kathaleen

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    1. Thanks for your comments and support. It’s great having people more people in Congress & new Candidates for Local State & Federal office , espousing the issues and running strong without PAC money . This is indeed a pivotal moment in American Politics. I’m happy to be lending my voice and actions in support of Democracy. I’m looking forward to being in Houston and helping to elect Beto O’Rourke to the Senate. Exciting times for sure, with promise for our future. Have a great day. Joyce. Sorry I couldn’t respond earlier, I’ve been working hard to help make the Gifted Hands Jewelry Party , successful. The party was successful and so many wonderful people, couples from Long Island, Queens & Jersey participated and of course, Politics was discussed and we found Common Ground. Their is hope for change. #EmbracingTheFuture & # RockingTheVoteForDems2018. All the best. Joyce

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