America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce: Youth group to assist voters to register & Vote. Also, offices of League of Women Voters offering help

Both emails were sent to me and I’d like to share them with my Community. Have a great day!

  • Correspondence between League of Women Voters & walkout to vote. .Org. Two organizations ready to assist voters to Register & Vote:   Contact them , if you require assistance.
  • To: <>

Hi Ms. Ettington,

My name is Daphne, I am the lead NY youth organizer for an initiative called Walkout to Vote which has been organized by the youth organization Future Coalition.

Our website is for more info.

Here’s our NYC event description:

At 11 a.m. on Election Day 2018, as part of the national March On The Polls and the student Walkout To Vote, New Yorkers, students, friends, and neighbors will converge on historic Union Square Park to rally before they march to polling sites all over the city.

At 1 p.m., after having made signs, chanted, pre-registered and voter-pledged younger students, volunteer marshals donning capes (voting is our superpower!) and crowns (we’re all queens and kings of the nation!) will lead voters of all walks of life to their neighborhood polling sites to go vote!

Please join us in celebrating and exercising our right to vote! Bring friends, family, neighbors, and children. Bring signs! Bring noisemakers! Dress like you’re a superhero for voting! Lucky early-comers will get crowns! Capes! T-shirts!

All voters and non-voters welcome!

We had an organization helping us with pre voter reg for youth under 18 who will come out and regular registration for anyone who is not registered to vote gang comes out, but they have canceled on us last minute. I understand the extreme short notice of this request, but I was wondering if LWV could provide us with volunteers to run registration efforts.

This is a huge event and we’d hate to not be able to offer the crowd that resource.

I’ve attached our event flyer as well!

News alert to help and request volunteers for League of Women Voters & this youth organization.

Hi Voter Services  Committee,

If any of you are able to join this group tomorrow at 1 pm – it could be fun. (The League of Women Voters is located @ 4 West 43 rd Street , suite 615/ phone # 212-725-3541)

They are asking for help to register voters.  I wouldn’t expect a lot who will need that, but it would be a good way to introduce the League as a source for this in their future.

You would just need to bring a clip board, some registration forms and a pen… and your LWV nametag,  pin or T-shirt from the League- and you would be welcomed.

The office is going to be open tomorrow after 10 am I believe- so if you wanted to stop by to pick up clipboards, that would work.  Let me know if you think you’ll be stopping by so we can give the office a heads up on how many and I can confirm with the organizer that we’ve got their back.

Thanks so much.

Barb Ettington

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