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A pox on both their houses. Is that justifiable?  The Democrats made a good faith offer last year. They asked for a path to citizenship for DACA kids, approximately 700,000 are signed up for this program and they’re economically self sustaining.  In addition, the DEMS were prepared to fund Trumps wall over 10 yrs.

He didn’t agree and added 2 deal breakers restricting immigration policy.  You, dear follower, read the facts and you decide what’s right.


In my opinion, Trump is no deal maker. In fact, if you’re in business, he’s the kind of businessman you’d, run , not walk away from.  He will never agree to a reasonable deal. It’s his way or no way. Hence,  we are faced with a long Shutdown that will have ripple effects on our economy . Small businesses are suffering in every Community along with Federal Employees.

In NYC,  traffic is light in spite of record numbers of Tourists.

Trumps winner take all positions have no moral equivalence. The GOP Senate has Bipartisan & Democratic proposals on their desk.  Why can’t they negotiate?  Have you asked yourself, “What exists on our Border”?  Read the transcript provided.

Putting people to work without pay, doesn’t help the employees or the greater Economy. I implore the Senate GOP to distance themselves from their deal maker, any business person would avoid.

Is there a pox” on both your houses”, I don’t think so.  However, The President & his Senate enablers are perpetuating a needless Economic hardship, “The Shutdown”!

Onto our next topic: the NY State Election Reforms to take place this year:

Citizen Advocates came together in Albany on Monday (1/15/19) to watch Election Reform bills pass in the new Democratic Senate : led by the Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart Cousins.  NY State’s ambition, is to go from” Worst to First” in Voting Reform.  This is the beginning of an ongoing process.  On day 1, with the convening of both Chambers of the NY State Congress , the following Bills were passed.

  1. A State wide data base will follow voters as they move within the State.  No need to re-register when moving to another location.  This is beneficial to College students, eligible to vote at 18 yrs old, when entering school in another County. 
  2. NY will consolidate State and Federal primaries, starting this year, to take place in June.
  3. Early Voting will start this year, with local districts determining how many polling places are available.  There must be at least one poling site for 50, 000 people.  Early voting will take place during a 10 day period prior to the General Election.  2 weekends have been included.  $7 Million was originally allocated to fund this program. 
  4. The last Bill presented closes the LLC loophole and treat LLC’s as individuals, capping campaign finance contributions. 
  5. Most importantly, No Excuse absentee ballots, which we advocated for, requires a Constitutional Amendment. Bill 1049 will not go into effect till 2022.  

There’s more work to be done.  My next video, addressed Citizen Advocate’s wish list, Public Citizen,  Jonah Minkoff-Zorn introduced LT. Governor Kathy Hocul to our “strategy group” meeting.    As a representative of Let NY Vote Early, I presented 1 of 4 recommendations for Voting reform , that we’d like codified,  as NY State breaks down barriers to voting.  

  1. Parolee Voting;  If Florida let’s citizens,  who have served their time, vote, NY York State, claiming to be Progressive, should pass a bill letting those who have served time, VOTE!  This bill is under consideration.  We want  it codified.
  2. Next, to facilitate voting of  18 yr. olds, we want to make it easy for 16 yr olds to pre register, when they receive their drivers license or interact with any State Agency.  Than, at age 18, you are automatically registered to vote, without any hassle.
  3. We want to be able to switch Party affiliations within 3 months of Voting and not be restrained by a rule that allows for changing Party one yr. prior to voting.
  4. It’s our intent to shorten wait time at the Polls, we’d like to switch from paper “booklets” containing voter registration data, to electronic polling devices able to scan the voting data base.  This will speed the process.  If Banking can be done on line securely, why not store voter data  online ?

NY State Voting Reform is a work in progress!  Citizen Advocates won’t rest and have promised to Lobby Albany for Codification of all Bills proposed, PLUS!


See you later and we’ll chat.

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