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We can’t ignore the fact that 2 million people are being held hostage, however, we can agree to unite and advocate for a better society.

Sooner or later, Nations and Corporations will face the same problems for having  Neglected the Middle Class in pursuit of cheaper markets abroad, foreign investment and the remuneration of Corporate CEO’s, upper management & shareholders.  Corporations, have forgotten that investment at home,  in your employees and your business, takes little monetary outlay, yet improves businesses productivity as well as the Gross National Product.

Gretchen Morgenson, the former business columnist for the NEW YORK TIMES, lamented the lack of Corporate investment in their employees. She always said, a minor investment in people, would produce greater returns to the Corporation and our Nation. Today, 1/22/19, Mohammed ElErian, formerly the CEO of Pimco, echoed her words. He scolded the Global community for letting the Middle Class stagnate and advised that Recession and a Global Shutdown could be averted with a massive infusion of cash into Infrastructure projects.

America & Americans would benefit from the judicious use of funds, used to connect all of us, city and rural folks alike.

We Need:

  • 5G networks to connect us.
  •  improvements to our existing Infrastructure.  Our cities are deteriorating relying on 100 yr + installations of water piping, gas hook ups and subways.  Developers should be paying taxpayers for Infrastructure , lowering our Real Estate Taxes.  Rewarding Big business has no trickle down effect, we’ve tries that experiment several times and “We the People” always lose.  That’s Eoinstein’s definition of insanity, dpoing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
  • secure critical infrastructure requiring experienced IT personnel. Those professional Techie’s in their 40’s and 50’s,  who’ve been left behind, could work miracles, if put to work.  They understand project management and networks, Corporations should be encouraging their integration into their businesses, instead of practicing age discrimination via AI.
  • to plan our Communities & cities, aware of flood and fire zones and locate people and businesses out of” harms way”, using Metatdata for planning.  Why waste mathematical talent on algorithms for risky Hi Speed and derivative trades?  Let’s use their talent and pay them to address the Public’s needs.
  • to invest in Education, especially STEM subjects, encouraging our kids, girls and boys, to become involved in science and math. I’m proud to have reported that the Girl Scouts offers a Merit badge in coding. That’s our future
  • an empathetic investment in Healthcare. Encouraging counseling and wellness. Publication of drug, hospital and device pricing Nationally till we provide quality cost effective treatment across the Country. We need standards of care for Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers and Hospitals. This isn’t rocket science , though we need that too!
  • stop mass incarceration for minor offenses and provide services for those in need of counseling

America’s satellites are old and some will fall out of orbit. It’s past time to invest in new technologies to track our weather, natural limited resources and outer space.

However, while we’re looking at the present and our future, I don’t wish for a second , that we reproduce today’s society. I opt for an enlightened age, one where all lives are cherished and we listen and learn from those among us who can chart an innovative compassionate Society. They’re not mutually exclusive. I know , I was fortunate to have worked for Ford and Pfizer in their manufacturing divisions and to have experienced humane innovative treatment while doing the work of 10 men. All employees were cherished and received respect.  I’m proud to say that my own Corporation, Merit Carpets, Inc. was Capitalistic, socially responsible and conducted win win negotiations.

Profits don’t suffer when you invest in your people. In fact, everyone and everything benefits.  Years ago, there was a Fidelity guru, Peter Lynch, who charted and followed value investing.  We could as a Community, when given the opportunity, choose to invest in ethical progressive Corporations, instead of choosing to support Corporations that don’t invest in themselves or their people.  It’s a thought and an incentive for Corporations to do better.

See you Thursday on UTube and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

Dear followers, send me into our World.  Let me report back to you what I’ve found on my travels in real time and you make the decision on how to create a society that works for 360 million of us.  We can do it.  We’ve done it before.  We were enourmously productive for a “war” effort and our post War expansion carried us forward for 40 yrs.  Support me and let me support you!  Thank you!

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