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I object,

To false climate deniers. The science is proven. Warnings started in 1975, Dr Broecker, a Climate Scientist at Columbia, announced, “The Climate System is an Angry Beast”.   What have we done about Carbon Emissions since then?

Because of special interest groups we’ve allowed the planet to warm. The oceans no longer absorb Carbon Emissions. This is a collective Global problem to be resolved by an agreed upon Carbon Tax. Trillions of tons of Carbon are released destroying our food supply, water and air resources. Who’s paying for our healthcare, our Infrastructure, Climate Mitigation?  A Carbon Tax can provide the incentives and the revenue required to Mitigate Climate events and overturn “Our State of Inequality”.

Citizens in Ohio have taken an important stept in reclaiming control of their lives and Lake Erie.  They have voted to give Lake Erie “personhood” status.  I think that’s clever and provides a reproducible mandate for all ecological systems polluted by toxic waste.  They’re demanding clean up of the algae blooms destroying Lake Erie.  This is a first. 


The Everglades could be protected in the same manner.  Declare personhood, mandate cleanup from industries responsible and collect a Carbon Tax to pay for the cleanup and future Carbon Emmissions. 


Our waterways & Oceans, according to Dr. Broecker, are ” the Global Conveyors” .  Use your imagination, since this is the 4th warmest year on record, Carbon Emissions, are no longer trapped by the Oceans, they’re in our atmosphere.  The Oceans become more acidic, our food source dies. 


If we return power to the People by fair elections, I have no doubt, we will overcome, not only our State of Inequality, we the people will innovate for Climate Mitigation and develop the Society we want!

  •  Only a  universal global Carbon Tax is capable of forcing businesses and government to reassess their policies.  The pivot towards a world that provides us with clean air, water and bio diversity is an appropriate goal.
  • I want my children and grandchildren  and all people, to live in a world where it is still possible to have the opportunity to succeed. I will not accept dystopia as our fate.

See you at 11am and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “We the People”

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