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As they say in old movies “the Fix is in!”   During the Reagan years, Institutions had to appear as if they were working for “We the People”. During the Clinton years we assumed our Institutions still worked for us, while all our Laws protecting government functioning,  for “We the People”,  were erased and debased.

1.Glass Steagall , became Gramm Leach Bliley, allowing Sandy Weill to add Travelers Insurance to Citibank and the rest is “poor Monetary History “.

2. With Robert Rubin at Treasury , coming from Goldman Sachs, he was a fan of Derivatives. Both Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger called them Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and they were. The Housing Bubble collapsed because Derivatives, sliced and diced & mislabeled triple A loans.  These loans were securitized and sold globally through broker systems eventually collapsing America’s monetary sysytem and the World’s in 2008.

3. Lobbyists numbered 500 in the 90’s, Manafort,  was one of them. However, a law on our books prevented Lobbyists from entering Government for 7 years and vice versa. There was no revolving door and the folks who maintained the integrity of our Institutions were paid well. The Law and federal employees benefits was curtailed.  Now, there’s a revolving door between government and Lobbyists, in fact Trumps Government consists of Lobbyists dedicated to the destruction of our Institutions. “The gloves are off.” We pay federal workers less and encourage the back bone of our government to leave or we push them out.

4. During the Bush Era, 43, not 41, government was outsourced. The era of small Government was ushered in. Lobbyists control of Congress & the Statehouses ballooned. 1500 Lobbyists occupy Wall Street & Government getting enormous returns on their investment for their Corporate Clients.

5. What have we lost? Everything? We the People have become pawns in a lose lose race for survival against the Fossil Fuel industry’s quest for profit and those profiting from their quest in a last ditch effort to make a killing!

6. Mike Carney, head of the Bank of England, cautioned Bankers today, as he confronted the Extinction Rebellion, he stayed , don’t get caught supporting industries that will be non profitable in a few years. He’s fearful the Banks will hold onto Fossil Fuel & Fossil Fuel related Companies that have the potential of losing $20 trillion.

7. Further, since Carney thinks ahead, he’s concerned about our World’s Leaders coming together in a timely manner and resolving the Worldwide issues confronting us all.

8. The US Defense Dept knows for sure, the Societal destabilization to expect as Climate Change becomes worse. Too bad they haven’t issued their report?

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