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Dear followers, one of you (Sean) asked for positive  American stories  and I complied. We have a lot to be thankful for.

  • The Military is successfully integrating women.  At this time 34 African American Women and 19 Hispanic Women are graduating from The Citadel, prestigious Virginia Military Institute.  In fact, women are 10% of the Class.  West Point is graduating Women of color,  too!  We’re entering the military as equals bringing our intelligence to another sphere.
  • The real ground breaker was Elizabeth Smith Friedman who worked separately from her husband, smashing the Nazi operations in Argentina during WWll and the Enigma codes.  This couple, through there devotion to each other and  their Country, smashed the Enigma codes and became the true founders of the NSA. (early 20th Century).
  • The State of Nevada has taken Women’s equality literally, they’ve elected all women to their Legislature and they’re moving ahead with a progressive compassionate agenda. Women are making a difference.


As we raise our voices, so are many groups uniting for the Common Good. Seattle just passed a ballot measure, agreeing to raise Real Estate taxes to fund child care. Childcare is now partially subsidized by taxpayers but costs approximately $1700 a year. These new childcare centers also pay more for their teaching staff and cap class sizes, letting 4 year olds thrive , socialize and learn skills in a calm manner.  Kudos, to Seattle residents for leading the way forward.

If there are success stories in your town or Community, you’d like to share. Join us tomorrow morning and let us all share your success. America needs local heroes and heroines. Everyone can contribute to  America’s  greatness, sustained through our People.

  • I have friends in Omaha , Nebraska who tirelessly provide time and money helping families survive climate and work disasters.
  • IHI the renown Institute for Healthcare, offers one hour webinars starting in June to Healthcare professionals, a group can spend $750 for a series of 5 lectures , offering expert advise on fall prevention in a healthcare facility and in the Community. I would think this is invaluable advise for our aging population.

There’s more! Look around us. The arts and music are flourishing as young people pursue their passions.

  • On the Political scene, Cory Booker and the Koch Brothers are both supporting less incarceration for non violent crimes and the restitution of voting rights for everyone who has served their sentence for non violent crimes.  This a move forward.  The Brooklyn Voting Alliance is pursuing this goal separately, as am I in NYC and State. 
  • The Columnist David Brooks, has started a project #WeaveForAmerica, bringing individuals together from all over America to weave their stories.  This  tradition started centuries ago and continues to tell American stories as we bind our Communal memories. 
  • Once woke you can’t stifle us!  We’re aware and with Social Media and AI we can use our knowledge and passions for a better world to help others achieve their dreams, too! 

I don’t know about you dear followers, it’s easier for me to tell you what I don’t like, my passions have a much broader range. Glad to deliver an uplifting Post for you to peruse!

Tomorrow we’ll chat.

Have a glorious day. All the best.

“The heart and pulse of “We the People”

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