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Dear followers:

I’ve released my notes on both Volumes of the Mueller Report plus the 4 Appendixes for your review.  In NYC, WBAI, will be reading the entire report starting 5/21/19.  “We the People” should be vocal advocates for the Impeachment of President Trump under the case Law for Obstruction of Justice, as defined broadly in the Mueller Report’s recommendation.

If you’re not convinced this is the only route to preserve our Democracy, than voice your concerns today on Periscope.  While doing so, think, do” we the People” want to continue on our path of suffering, stagnant wages, poor quality of life, and higher mortality rates than any other Western Nation.  How does it feel to be studied by a concerned Nobel Laureate working on behalf of his Country, Great Britain, because they see a microcosm of our human condition at home and don’t want to emulate our dire human condition?

What would make you Advocate for Impeachment?  What would make you strike for better wages and a better way of life?  Do we need Global Company to proceed with Action?

See you later and we’ll chat.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”

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