America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Trump to askew both houses of Congress with arms deal to UAE & Saudis! Who’s stopping him? #Pelosi? Periscope@11am



As “we the People “ celebrate Memorial Day and remember our past and present heroes & heroines Of War, remember the Cost Of War in American treasure, our kids lives.

Than think about Donald Trumps part in squandering our treasure , as he prepares to bypass both houses of Congress and sell arms directly to the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates. There’s a reason for his decision.

  • Trump not only wants to destroy the balance of power in the Middle East , he also wants to help those directly,  who helped him become elected!  I do hope you’ve read the Mueller Report, the United Arab Emirates met with Eric Prince.  Eric Prince becomes Trumps point man on the UAE.  Their mutual enemy, Iran and another link to The Russians.
  • This was a side action, but in all quid quo pros, the bill is due.  Now Trump will reward his allies,  rather than respect the Rule of Law.   He, so far has chosen to  circumvent Congress.
  • The Saudis?  They were to be awarded military weapons previously.  Jared Kushner is a close friend of the Prince going back to 2013.  Special relationship?  More rewards?
  • Is it any wonder, Qatar purchased 666 5th Avenue from Kushner, ( A $Billion goes a long way in starting relationships.)


Another reason for the House to exert their coequal Rights to Investigate the Obstruction of Case leading to Impeachment by Robert Mueller.  Stop Trump developing his own agendas, stop his false narrative and pursue the truth about his lawless monetized  Presidency.  Have the Courage to lead our Country out of a Plutocracy, that’s fast becoming a Kleptocracy!  Do it now  Madam Speaker, Nancy Pelosi,  and seize the moment.  Name calling may be great to rally the base, but serves no purpose when our Democratic values are trashed along with the rule of Law!

  • “We the People” want equal justice under the Law.  It’s not fair that we can be jailed and fined for skipping an MTA,  $2.50 fare and the President and his cronies can buy up our land cheaply and trash it for short term gains.
  • Also, since Trump’s golf courses are classified as farms, does he and his family participate in the $16+ Billion subsidy to Farmers,  along with the $24 Billion subsidy,  that’s already in their hands.  Just asking for clarification?
  • When does Late Stage Capitalism, the Mueller Report and actions of many in our Government, make you angry enough to demand adherence to our Constitution? “We the People” don’t ask for much:  equal justice , equal opportunity for a living wage, clean air , water, healthcare and a good education so we can live a better life.

The buck should stop now Madam Speaker , the balls in your Court , to do what’s right for the American People.

See you later, dear followers, and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “we the People”