#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Impeachment, Now!Stop an empowered President & Plutocracy!

I’ve listened to all the arguments against Impeachment!

The Democrats may not be successful. They’ll lose Political Capital. The Senate won’t convict!?

So what? Who will write our story? The story of the American People can it become better or worse with a President and an executive branch that knows no limits on their power. My answer is start the road toward Impeachment and exercise your coequal status in Government.  Nothing else is acceptable.

  • The President is overstepping his authority , when he declares a National Emergency to sell weapons to the Saudis and the UAE and other nations on his list. Potentially,  arming the Middle East may cause an imbalance in the Power Structure.  Why?
  • Next,  he wants Barr to potentially uncover CIA operatives in the Soviet Union, this may be in the President’s best interest,  but it conflicts with the National Security Of America, our sovereign State.

I say , go ahead with #Impeachment on Obstruction of Justice.  Don’t go slow, because this President seizes every moment to amass more Executive Power. 

  • The States are already challenging his EPA edicts.
  • I’d like us to see a State Of Do no more Harm and than a reversal in our State Of Inequality, when people can be valued once again.

I for one,  have had enough of an Empowered Executive in conflict with the needs of “we  the People”.  I long for a day of peace and cooperation,  building better communities. Let’s write our own story.  I don’t trust others to do it for us.

See you later and we’ll chat.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”

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