America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #”We the People” shouldn’t have to be subjected to bad policy , despots , #Plutocracy or Kleptocracy! We the People have Rights. Use them!

Why would you choose blinders, doubt the truth , rather than admit you made a mistake? Buying into the rhetoric of despots, is convenient but destructive for the Nation and mankind.

Our problems didn’t arise from Nature or from Immigration,  Our problems , like the Great Depression , were caused by bad policy made by greedy short sighted  men.   Nothing has changed. A new cast of characters exist on the political scene and they’re making bad policy for their own shortsighted gains and we’re reluctant to stop them.  Yet, we must,  or we’ll  continue to suffer dire consequences once again.

  • Stop the cycle of destruction now. We have the means and the opportunity to do so.
  • Not convinced, look at Trumps latest Power Grabs.  Know that these exercises in Power will continue to satisfy himself and the needs of his family.  God and Country and adherence to the Rule of Law,  have no meaning to him or the select few supporting him and benefiting from his largesse.

We are a Country founded on the Rule of Law.  Let them work for us , “We the People” deserve better, support Impeachment Proceedings based on the Obstruction of Justice case laid out by Robert Mueller. 

If it seems Political, that Mueller prefers to meet privately first, do so.  He’s an ethical moral person, follow his direction and win.  Our Country depends on the House Of Representatives acting on behalf of “we the People”.   Nothing else is acceptable. No one else is helping “We the People”.

Perhaps we’ll send a “good” message to the rest of the World.  The age of bad policy, Plutocracy and Kleptocracy is over. We the People can’t afford not to act on our own behalf, our survival, our happiness and our children and their progeny depend on this generation doing right and doing what’s right now !

See you tomorrow and we’ll chat!

The heart and pulse of “We the People “”

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