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We’re thinking about the current GOP in a wrong headed manner. They’re trapped in a rigid belief, that dates back to the Civil War,155 YRS. Their beliefs don't allow for compromise.  They really are against any class , except their own.  I'll explain more fully in Episode #30, next week.  Meanwhile, understand the consequences of their inaction. 

If they accepted responsibility for the damage they've caused to the Economy and the needless deaths, they’d have to admit they believed in concepts that were destructive to Americans. They'd rather deny or obfuscate the truth of their actions, then admit to failure and wrong doing.  The GOP intends to win at any price. 

In this way, TRUMP & TrumpsGOP don’t have to admit they are wrong. Though they are!  They’re fighting the wrong enemy, the vulnerable and the Middle Class, instead of Covid 19.   

They'd like to stop much needed Stimulus now, though that's ill advised.  They're not hurting, we are. We can’t allow them to have a Herbert Hoover Moment. It’s too costly for all of us. They must be voted out of office in 2020. 

The heart and pulse of "We the People".

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