AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The are 36,000 reasons not to vote for Trump & TrumpsGOP. These people wouldn’t have died, if he acted sooner. That coupled with 38 million people out of work are reasons enough not to vote for this inept draconian Administration and any GOP Legislators on the Stste level either who follows Trump. They care about their business & families, not yours or mine. Vote them out of office in 2020. Don’t forget the harm they’ve done to AMERICANs before Covid and now with the Pandemic, our existence is worse. Right now they’re probably not gearing up for a 2 Nd wave of Covid either. There’s no excuse. They are incapable of Govrrning and their selected cronies aren’tskled in anything but their business interests. Late Stage Capitalism doesn’t function and it destroys our lives. Don’t despair. Vote them out of office for change that benefits us. Meanwhile, we’ll work together for a a more equal society.

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