AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Zooming with my African American friends. We discussed prejudice, policing, Legislation, Covid 19 & BlackLivesMatter awareness for hours. We enjoyed our visit. Tune in to my YouTube channel to listen & comment!

Dear Followers, I would definitely appreciate your feedback on the videos available for your viewing. I hope we answered your questions on BlackLivesMatter. Join in our conversation, add your own questions. I’m providing the links plus a short description below to the segments of Episode #35 on YouTube now in 9 Parts. Next week, I’ll interview a 20 yr old activist in a small town in New Jersey, making changes in her town. Perhaps you’ll appreciate the differences between, my friend”s, Wray Gunn’s, 90 yrs perspective and hers. Wishing you all a Blessed weekend.

The heart and Pulse of “We the People”.

Episode #35 Links from Part #5-9 on my YouTube Channel

  • Part 5
  • We talk about this Administration and our lack hope for comprehensive relief for the lower and Middle Classes
  • We don’t believe Biden should debate Trump. We do want Biden to discuss his platform .  There’s a need for America to rejoin the Global Community to resolve Climate issues & Pandemic Biological Platforms.   We equated not wearing a mask to anti “ vaccers” same profile and its not beneficial to bringing back the Economy & Saving Lives ! Hate crimes and legislation were discussed as well. 
  • Part 6
  • Continuing our discussion of Covid 19 and we don’t believe there will be a vaccine prior to early next year. I recommended Microbe TV for current scientific research. We continued discussing what the new Normal in manufacturing would look like & mentioned Ford. We also went back in time comparing stories on our manufacturing background.
  • Part 7
  • Cora , Wray & I continue talking about the importance of the CCR Church Project and the NAACP’s efforts to help them publicize their project raising Community awareness. They’re working with the Great Barrington cinema, The Triplex, to bring free films on the Black experience , to an audience once a month.  The films will have a guest lecturer and Q & A.  I recommended they move the movies outdoors , to accommodate the large parking lot that has been transformed into outdoor dining space. TBD. Meanwhile, awareness for BlackLivesMatter is being heightened through Protests, sporadic legislation & Entertainment. 
  • Part 8
  • None of us felt we had solved today’s problems , though we do understand that the current politicians are only interested in US when there’s an election .
  • We all agreed one way to raise awareness of the Classes, was to mandate 2 yrs after High School in public service to our Country. No exemptions for anyone and this may, but doesn’t have to include a Military Service.
  • Part 9
  • We spoke about the Landmarked A & E Church they purchased and the role of the NAACP & youth organizations. Wray Gunn was just awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on raising awareness of #BlackLivesMatter, through his lifelong dedication to African American culture. 
  • The Gunn Family reunion has been cancelled, I’m an honorary member, along with the Arts in the Berkshires. We noted the toll the Pandemic has taken on young artists  .  And hoped that our discussions would encourage  more people to support Equal Justice & Equal Opportunity. It’s never to late to do what is right. 

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