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A test, that you do at home, only costs a $1 . It should be government funded and available to Everyone.

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  • Available to the World
  • No patent on it.
  • No more Lockdowns
  • No more retrofitting
  • What I always thought was possible exists.

The Drawbacks?

  • Rutgers waiting 7 weeks for FDA APPROVAL? It works on a daily basis. Dr. Fauci has encouraged it’s use. Scientists think it’s a Game Changer. It’s not 100% accurate. However, the tests that are, don’t give you test results for 8-10 days. The results from the Rutgers in your home test is 10-15min. If you test positive the next day, there’s time to trace your contacts, alert Public Health and prevent Outbreaks from occurring.
  • Yale has one. Not 100% effective, no problem, you’re taking it everyday. If you have to trace who you were with for 24 hours. That’s easy.
  • The best part you save lives. Kids go to school. The sick are isolated. You can do pool testing too! Nursing homes become safer.

We’re fearful of the unknown. With “this crappy little test”, as Dr. Michael Mina , calls it, Everyone wins. Who needs elegant. The tests in use now are 100% accurate and they measure even non infectious portions of the Corona virus. Who needs this kind of perfection?

  • We don’t care about non infectious viral remnants, we only care about infectious & contagious.
  • When you’re too sick it’s too late. Detect it early when you’re most contagious and stay home. Get Needed treatment before it advances. That’s the only way to go. The simplicity is what I like and that’s elegant.

The benefits to the World are awesome.

Before we start petitions, would you follow my example and call all your representatives on the local, State and Federal Level, plus the Dept. of Public Health and advocate for this test? Our lives and our Economy depend upon us curbing this virus and minimizing complications, so we can resume, School, work and travel, without fear.

Minority lives will be saved and so will ours, as we mitigate the complications of this virus, prevent outbreaks, and resume our lives. It’s a win win for Americans. American Exceptionalism prevails once again!

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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