AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube EPI#41 India with Love! Reunited after Blogher13, listen to 2 Empowered compassionate women discuss our common destiny!

Episode #41 India with ❤️

Part #1. All about the virus.

After 7 years I initiated a Zoom call to my friend, Purnima Ramakrishnan , from Chennai, India. The last time we physically met and spoke was at the Blogher13 Conference in Chicago. Now we’re both experiencing difficulties in our societies. In India, they’re experiencing 2000 Covid cases a day, I’m not sure if that’s deaths or people infected? Their supply chain is strained and the Country is in Lockdown, except for emergencies, like food. They are self quarantined & Masks and social distancing are mandatory. We discussed procedures, schools reopening. Though she feels hopeful we’ll exit Covid, we were both saddened by the explosion in Lebanon.

Video for Part 1

Part #2 Purnima is helping to empower women throw GLOW and her group provides diverse speakers through the Heartfulness Institute. She believes in “Heart” based meditation: bringing people together through love. Her philosophy, it’s not enough to be a leader, unless you are compassionate, have inner peace, balance in your life, giving you the Power to do what’s right! She will provide a certified trainer to guide me group of Women.

We also noted that being out of balance, effects us and our Planet.

Part#3 After 7 years we have reunited and have found though we’ve been separated by years and continents, our hearts are the same.
When we met at Blogher13, the organization was focused on Political activism.
We’re still activists.

We discussed our families and what’s happening in their lives and our Common bond through Netflix! Lol

Part #4 Purnima asked me about my prior position as a VP at Bankers Trust.
I talked about Merit Carpets, Inc my, small family business. We were not just carpets. We installed any product for floors, including new products, that became standard for all apartments on Long Island.
We ended our talk on Rapid Tests. I sent Purnima the link for Microbe TV. Episode #650
, her husband is a Pulmonologist.

The Heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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