TheVoiceOfJoyce When do “We the People” hold Trump & TrumpsGOP accountable ?

Bob Woodward’s book, “Rage” , is available for purchase and his discussions with President Trump, are substantiated by 9 recorded hours of tape with the President. Trump knew the virus was deadly in January and aided and abetted its spread by downplaying the seriousness of this infection. He’s still ignoring the fact, that his actions, directly led to the deaths of Americans and continues to hold indoor rallies without wearing a Mask or requiring social distancing. Is EVERYONE being tested, along with the President?

  • If not, when is TRUMP held to account for his actions?

Americans are dying in the West, as fires and Orange smog engulf most of California, Washington & Oregon.

  • Trumps EPA policies and continued defunding of the Parks and conservationists, has exacerbated the Western Fire season.
  • It’s easy for him to say, “why didn’t you clean the Forest floor”, knowing he’s the head of Federal Government and responsible for under funding forest conservation.
  • As American lives and livelihoods are lost, Trump and the Senate GOP acknowledge neither? Instead, this administration, is giving the American people less stimulus to live and providing cheap public lands for more fossil fuel drilling?
  • These policies make no sense to me. Where is Trumps and TrumpsGOP’s compassion for “we the People”?

When do “we the People” speak up and hold Trump accountable for his actions?

  • Young Black men have been murdered by Police without cause, prompting peaceful protests. Young journalists film the protests and are swept up in arrests by unknown, armed uniformed men. Scared for their lives they recount their night of terror in Custody. The troops, Trump authorized, prolonged the protests and terrorized citizens. Why?

When do we hold Trump accountable for his actions?

  • As I write , Vice President Pence is scheduled to attend a QAnon fundraiser for Trump? Business as usual?
  • When will we hold Trump to account for his actions promoting violent anti Semitic groups?

How is it possible, Trump & TrumpsGOP are the only people in America, not accountable for their actions?

  • Clearly they are not capable of governing. The only questions that should be asked, should Trump remain in office and be voted out? Or do “we the People”, ask him to resign?

When will “we the People “ speak?

The heart and pulse of “we the People “

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