TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube EPI#49 Trump vs Biden

Trump vs Biden: Vote overwhelmingly for Biden & Vote Donald Trump and his Senate Enablers out of office.

They do not have the temperament and the ability to govern wisely. Nor do they have the desire to collaborate with others. Good governance is essential to contain this Pandemic , to make Laws that will stimulate our economy and Laws that will regulate and control the Pollution and toxins that are destroying our clean air and water.

After 4 years of Trump, we have lost America’s treasure, our People . 207,000+ have died of Covid and more will die because Trumps policy of misinformation about the virus is encouraging his followers to make bad choices, that ultimately impact their lives and the lives of others.

Covid is a shared experience. Super spreader events are not appropriate. Only Rapid SalivaTests to the entire Country Coupled with masks & social distancing & attention to hygiene will stop the Outbreaks.

The Economy cannot thrive unless we crush Covid 19 Outbreaks. We have the technology to stop the Outbreaks. We could be free of Covid in a month with self discipline.

Then we could open our Economy without requiring retrofitting. We’d still need testing and social distancing, in case any eschewed the test and was shedding virus . It wouldn’t last long and we’d reclaim our lives and livelihoods.

What should we consider, when voting Trump and TrumpsGOP out of office:

Trumps monetary policy has kept our Stock Market up while Main Street dies. According to Nouriel Roubini and Nissan Taleb ( economist/philosopher) Minuchin is propping up Zombie Corporations, instead of letting them die early. They’re laden with debt and shouldn’t be supported.

Trumps deregulation of Corporate pollution is making Americans sicker at a time when they need Healthcare.

Trump is challenging our Healthcare’s right to exist in the Supreme Court. Why try to repeal Healthcare, when millions rely on this system now ?

Trumps record on the environment becomes progressively destructive. He’s opening lands to extractors, increasing pollution. Encroaching on Nature brought us Covid. Continuing to encroach on Nature will bring other Pandemics .

For all these reasons and more Trump and TrumpsGOP must be voted out of office overwhelmingly. As far as I know, we have only one alternative to Trump and that’s Joe Biden.

We face the same crossroads as France in 2017. A contest between LePen , a fascist, and Macron. The decision was clear, the People voted overwhelmingly for Macron.

I’ve been the People’s advocate since 2012. My political desires are aspirational, unsupported by a Political Party. Therefore, I do not see an alternative to Trump, other than Joe Biden. I urge everyone to vote for Joe Biden and flip the Senate Democratic, too!

I remain , the heart and pulse of “we the People “.

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