TheVoiceOfJoyce Tuesday Episode #66 on YouTube “Trump’s Ghost”

This catchy title comes from a Martin Cruz Smith novel, on Russia today, entitled”Stalin’s Ghost”, referring to Vladimir Putin’s spectacular rise to Power. Like Hitler , before him, Putin captured 2% of the popular vote when he entered the Political arena. Now, Trump, empowered by Big Money, the RNC and the Republican Party has risen to Power in America, taking the Far Right with him and many people.

  • According to the Holocaust Outreach program, sponsored by the German Consulate, in conjunction with the Israeli Mission to the UN and other NGO’s, they tracked the rise of Hitler in Germany. Starting with the period after WWl and culminating with the Overthrow of the German Constitutional Democracy prior to WWll.

Trump’s Ghost

  • It was noted by several Historians that Trump’s rise to Power, in our Country, was similar to Hitlers’. Trump was aided and abetted by a disillusioned populace, who lacked trust in Government, plus an elite group of Millionaires and Billionaires who wanted to seize authoritarian power. They actively courted the Far Right to further their violent agenda and if, allowed, like Hitler, the only Laws allowed and sanctioned, would be their Laws.

The storming of our Capitol, was a dry run for further sedition. It would have worked, if our Democracy was weaker and the people less horrified. Now it’s up to President Biden, to seize this moment, to channel FDR and make his promises for his first 100 days become reality. Otherwise, Trump’s Ghost will trump Biden.

Biden’s Dilemma

  • There’s no compromising on Relief and Stimulus Packages for “We the People”. We have suffered with Covid deaths and Lockdowns of our Economy for one year. It might take the rest of this year to Stop Covid Outbreaks. During this year, Relief to the many must be ongoing and substantial.
  • We’ve yet to remunerate the “long term unemployed”, those laid off before the Pandemic, nor have we compensated gig economy workers substantially.
  • Small real estate owners and businesses need funding to continue operation along with tenants requiring eviction and debt relief.
  • We can’t afford to think small and with low interest rates, giving many to the Lower and Middle Classes can only improve our Economy. That’s why Democrats can’t compromise with our benefits , our lives and trust in Government, depends upon Government largesse.
  • Simultaneously, Vaccinating every person in Our Country and distributing at home cheap Rapid Tests, recommended by Dr Michael Mina to everyone, schools, businesses, theaters, hotels , et al is necessary to STOP the OUTBREAKS.
  • While we catch up with Vaccinations, we must identify and quarantine the asymptomatics who carry the deadly virus unknowingly.
  • Time is of the essence for Relief, Stimulus Packages and Stopping Covid 19.

Constitutional Amendment #14 Section 3

Trumps connections to the Far Right and those who hold Public Office while being seditious, are a continuous threat to our peace and our Democracy. They have to be removed from the body Politic. There’s a mechanism in our Constitution for removal of all those who broke their Oath to uphold the Constitution, Amendment 14, Section 3. Congress and Merrick Garland, the Federal AG, must disband, disarm and disbar these insurrectionists, to preserve our Democracy and civil rights.

I’m hopeful that what I deem important, those we’ve elected to Democratic Office, consider most important, too. Otherwise, like other authoritarians, Trump’s Ghost will trump Biden.

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