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What’s happening in America

$1.9 Trillion relief & Stimulus Package passed

12 million Kids out of Poverty

$1400 checks to be arriving shortly.

Money allocated for Vaccines & Testing.

Money for schools and a Social Safety Net for” We the People”

Expanded Medicaid.

What’s missing Fundamental Reforms:

Long term unemployed are not covered.

They were covered until 2014, when the Republican Congress overturned the Laws. Listen to what was covered.

Election Reforms

The New Laws: HR1 & HR4 would take dark money out of voting, overturn Voter Suppression, extend early voting, give us no excuse absentee ballots & automatically register everyone. An easy National system that gives “We the People” easy access to vote, without Gerrymandering.

Student Debt relief.

My discussion of what’s possible.

Science news:
Carbon Capture by giving seaweed to Cows, we curtail Carbon Emissions by 82%.

By Conserving 28% of the Ocean, by limiting trawlers & oil & gas exploration, we increase ocean food production and further limit Carbon Emissions by another 10-20%
When we innovate , we reduce Carbon Emissions

So much is happening in our World. When you’re vaccinated, we can all move forward together!

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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