TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s Epi #88 Gray Rhino

The Gray Rhino : How to recognize and act on the obvious Dangers we ignore plus personal stories.

EPI 88. The Gray Rhino. Title of Michele Wucker’s book. How to recognize & act on the obvious dangers we ignore. A BTS song is about the Grey Rhino.

This Episode challenges my followers to change, sooner than I did. I recount my personal challenges with denial of pain and acknowledge the difficulty to change.

Change we must , if we are to survive the Covid Variants in our midst, the climate crisis and threats to our Democracy.

Leading by example and looking forward to Science innovation. It’s here, we only have to embrace the new “green energy” innovation, support Democracy and eradicate Covid to survive & thrive. Business will be rewarded. We’re not subtracting, we’re adding.

The heart and pulse of “we the People!

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