TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s EPI #90 Techno Power

Techno Power a force for good or evil?

A preview of the UN study on Climate Crisis and so much more!

We’re in a new territory creating our own demise unless we change our Society. The possibilities are endless , when we encourage Entrepreneurs, acknowledge our present living conditions and Regulate “Techno Power”.

Misinformation profits a few and targets and harms millions. Let’s encourage truth and penalize the “evil” use of “Techno Power”

. Listen to ways you might help and be your sisters and brothers keeper!

Think about, Albert Camus’ book, entitled “The Plague”. About a fictional French Algerian Community that survives and re-enters the World, when they acknowledge the presence of The Plague, deal with it and cooperate to save each other, while maintaining their limited civilization and resources. The citizens’ collaboration allows them to emerge more compassionate, citizens united by shared experiences and able to move forward with their lives as they choose.

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