AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The War in Ukraine , day 85, Zelenskiy wants armaments and no cease fire without a withdrawal of Russian troops. Putin wants relief from Sanctions, if World food shortages are to be lessened. Troops moved out of the Steel Plant are being registered with the International Red Cross. Their destination: the Donbas region. Meanwhile, the UN is seeking to rely Barley, corn, wheat, sunflower oil and fertilizer from Ukraine silos. Turkey opposition is all about Kurdish fighters in Syria being protected by Sweden. And so the EU churns. This War will continue 90 days more unless the sides can compromise on Peace. $1.7 Trillion spent by Putin on Ukrainian devastation. The EU attempting to decouple all energy from Russia.Let’s hope they choose renewable energy , not coal. The Global Community needs to way to block Imperialism and speed up renewable energy production.

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