AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce. The Carbon footprint from industrial farming is 40% of all Carbon Emissions. The US is responsible for11% of Carbon Emissions. These Emissions can be reduced, when people ask for food diversity and a healthier diet. By planting different crops and reducing our reliance on beef Carbon Emissions will decrease. Next, why subsidize corn, wheat and soybeans ($20/billion a year), by rewarding monopolies & encouraging them not to invest in biodiversity? Corn is mandated for ethanol production. It can be replaced by canola plants grown in the desert . These plants do not compete with any other product and use less water, they’re made to be a bio fuel. Meanwhile, we’d free up grass land to cultivate tastier fruits and vegetables. This would be a win win for Americans:Less Carbon emissions and better tasting food products, with more choice and an enriched soil. Wouldn’t you want that farm fresh taste?

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