AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The working poor, the understaffed plight of Fast Food Workers nationally. CEO’s of the Fast Food chains make over 2000 times the pay of their average workers. Clearly, $15.00/hour is not asking too much. It’s time for a major Union to organize Fast Food workers and help them collectively set standards for work. Too many Corporations are profit driven and deliberately understaffed to generate enormous Corporate profits. While a business requires a profit to be successful, that doesn’t negate the Corporate responsibility to give employees a decent living wage and a safe working environment. If workers are unable to Bargain for their Rights, this is an opportunity for Sectoral Unionization. The entire Fast Food Industry’s employees need the protection and Negotiating powers of Collective Bargaining. Unionize today and secure a Basic Living Wage with cost of Living increases and other humane perks.

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