TheVoiceOfJoyce: when do we act to put The War Production Act into place to allocate clean energy funds to cities in dire need of green spaces? When the water runs out, what are your options? Who can you blame for Climate Denial and not discussing rising CO2 Emissions in text books? Fox New & the Fossil Fuel Lobby. We can start capping and taxing Methane & Carbon Leaks. We can start banning the mining of Bitcoin which uses more power than Houston, Texas. We can all enter into a Class Action Lawsuit against Fox New & the Fossil Fuel industry for deliberately burying the Scientific facts that can save our lives now. The FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY, knew they creating excess CO2, they knew the consequences of oil, coal & gas production and used it anyway, since it was cheaper 50 yrs ago to stay with their technology, rather than invest in the clean technology that was expensive then, but not now. It’s a proven fact, renewable energy costs less and provides twice as many jobs as the Fossil Fuel industry. The War Production Act can decommission Coal Plants now and set up Solar and Wind Power now, more jobs, better pay. Good for all Americans.

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