TheVoiceOfJoyce Zelensky has much to concern him. The release of grain, signed by Putin as he continues to lash out . Then, Putin brazenly bombed Odesa’s Port. Will Putin honor his agreement with Turkey and the UN & allow the grain to flow? Or will his disdain for Binding Contracts prevail? It’s a risk worth taking. 400 million lives are counting on Ukrainian grain. Next, Zelensky has collaborators with the Russians and needs Russian entrenchment positions. Zelensky is asking the Ukrainian people for their help in pinpointing the Collaborators and the exact sites of Russian Entrenchment/ Occupation! Once the information is at hand, an effective Counteroffensive can be launched, leading to a cease fire and reclamation of Land lost. With 2 million Ukrainians, kidnapped and brought to Russia, no matter what happens, there can be no fair Russian Referendum, unless and until they are returned. Besides, it’s too early for Putin to decide Ukraine is now Russian. Fierce fighting disproves his lie!

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