TheVoiceOfJoyce : This is a must see Documentary ( Big Oil v The World, on PBS, BBC, AMAZON) for everyone, who values Democracy. How Big Oil, Exxon, Successfully lobbied Congress in 1997, to protect their self interests , convincing Chuck Hagel & Robert Byrd, to sign their Legislation, stating the US would not join in signing the Kyoto Climate Policy. Due to continuing Corporate Lobbying and PR, the World and the US in particular is suffering the effects of Weather extremes. Our land is burning, our resources are dwindling, our food supply is imperiled because of Short term Corporate Greed. Worse, they researched the solutions to prevent Global Warming and discarded them, because they were not instantly as profitable as Fossil Fuels. My YouTube, this morning, is about Uncontrolled Power: Big Oil now has a bull horn on Social Media Platforms, to deny and delay Climate Mitigation ! When do we retake control of our lives and use Legislation effectively to Save our Lives, allowing us to pursue health , happiness and liberty?

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