TheVoiceOfJoyce When you agreed to Facebook and Instagram, did you agree to let every click or link you make, traceable forever by Meta’s code? Meta has admitted to tracking users across the Web every time they click a link or follow an Advertisement. We have no privacy. We are META’s experiment. By following our actions, on their platforms, Meta targets information and ads to “our needs”. They create cultural silos and perpetuate misinformation and disinformation on issues that concern us, while destroying our Democracy and free choice. Every time we click or react to a product or subject, Meta makes money off of us. Everyone involved in Social Media hoards our data, earns enormous income and we, unwittingly have lost our privacy and liberty. You may think you’ve got free choice? That’s a Meta myth. Is this the agreement you made with Meta? In return for using Facebook and Instagram for free, I agree to being tracked across all of social media to provide information about myself, that can be used by anyone licensed by META?”We the People “have become Meta’s product and our data is sold to everyone Meta targets to pursue us! We’re now under constant surveillance.

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