TheVoiceOfJoyce Whether it’s Steve Bannon, billionaire’s like Peter Thiel or TRUMPGOP led States, their aim is to subvert the will of the People. They use labels to define the enemy, while they’re the enemy of the Constitution. Remember, many were part of an Insurrection, a seditious act against the Constitution! They are curtailing our right to vote. When you go to the polls this November, vote them out of office, overwhelmingly. Our Democracy needs defenders full time, every day. Think which Laws you want codified in the next two years and advocate for them, by initiating ballot measures. “We the People” have needs that surpass big money, corporate money. However, the new GOP is heavily funded by Corporations and GOP Legislators respond to the needs of their benefactors over the needs of , “We the People”. Corporations are unregulated, that’s why weekly, I see FDA meat and poultry recalls. The FDA needs more staff for inspections and enforcement of Corporate compliance with the Law. Why should we eat tainted products? Why shouldn’t we have good standards of health care? A good education for all our children, with history, analytical skills sets and math and science skills? Education leads to innovations and innovators will lead the way forward in Climate mitigation. If you want clean air, fresh water and food security, don’t vote for TRUMPSGOP, they don’t represent us. There never was trickle down economics. There is equal opportunity, when we’re all educated and there’s a good paying job for everyone who wants to work.

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