The voice of Joyce: Transparency and values count

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2How did we lose every value we ever had?  On 4/25/15, I listened to NPR and there’s another Action group, I’ve never heard about,  shining a light on the Pharmaceutical industry.  Why? There are no records for human trials going back 5 or 10 years for many drugs on the market?  How is this possible?  Drug trials should be part of the record of every drug released or re formulated .  Where are the records detailing the positive as well  the negative effects of every drug.  This is not 1956 when steroids were released as the ” modern miracle drug”, listing it’s life saving benefits, while the side effects and contra indications were not discovered and released for years.  By 1976-79, when I worked for PFIZER, I was pretty sure, that PFIZER research on their drugs was thorough and documented.   Fast forward to 2015,  is the Pharmaceutical industry, like every other industry in America , concerned with making money and not concerned with the basic science behind Drug efficacy?  

 As a news junkie I daily read or listen to the “news”,  grazing as many entities as possible.     I  tuned into Peter Schweizer on Fox News Sunday morning,  defending his allegations in his new book “Clinton Cash”.   The Clinton Foundation received over $2 Billion in contributions from various corporations and foreign entities while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. When questioned over their neglecting to report a $2.35 Million contribution from a key player in Uranium One, Lanny Davis ” stated, it’s a small sum, not even a rounding error”.  Today, 4/29/15, it was reported on Bloomberg,  that 1100 foreign donors were not accounted for either?
I don’t understand why this behavior is shrugged off”    When The CEO of General Re , a BRK subsidiary , was caught in a $5Million scandal with AIG,  he was fired.   Year’s later, when the head of Mid America was deemed to have traded for his own account prior to BRK taking over Lubrizol, he, too, was dismissed   The appearance of impropriety was enough to cause their termination.
Now we find out from Lanny Davis, Collin Powell had his own server too!  Apparently, we bend the rules, and the new normal becomes, they did it, so can I.  Deja vu!  When  Walter Wriston  was CEO of  Citibank, he would break the law and then ask the FED to change the Law? Is everyone in Power above the law?  Why do we bend the Law rather then making our leaders accountable?  Why do we continue to worship ruthless bad behavior to the detriment of ourselves and our Country?
In Peter Schweizer’s defense, his book on Insider Trading in Congress (“Throw them all out”) was non partisan and an excellent example of Congress men and women, working for themselves. It also contained an interesting note on the distribution of stimulus money after the Fiscal Collapse of 2008.  There is a reason money remains in politics and  that’s the reason we’re trained to believe in the ” good ” of the Corporation over the ” good” of the people.
Give me the opportunity to link  all the diverse investigative reporting, on every institution, into one data base. I believe the totality of this activist movement will be staggering. Many people are finally shining the light on our institutions and their efforts will reveal that , as we suspected, too much of our Society has been for sale.  By knowing how many diverse groups are involved in Social Activism, we will feel part of a greater movement of reform and with that feeling comes “hope” and empowerment.
  • Transparency, brings good Laws.  Man , after all, is not self governing.

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