The voice of Joyce : Kvetching but hopeful

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2I’ve never taken the time to study the TPP agreement.  I believe an inclusive trade deal with as many countries is desirable.  It’s not us against them, it’s us bringing the entire world together as one large marketplace.  

It’s not Globalization , or NAFTA or any trade agreement that’s hurting the American worker, it’s corporate America that’s holding AMERICA back.  It’s short sightedness on the part of our leaders that have destroyed the American Dream.
First we deregulate Finance , then, we decide Corporate Welfare supersedes people rights.  Next we fail to fund infrastructure, when rates are low and people are out of work.  What do we need , we need weather satellites, we need major infrastructure in all cities built over 100 yrs ago. , military satellites (judging from the PBS special they look like they need modernization too), the Internet, the electric grid, alternative energy, trains.  A livable AMERICA for Americans designed and built by Americans.
Welcome to the 22 nd Century.  Let’s stop wasting talent and start spending in the first quarter of the 21 st Century. So much to do, so little will to move forward. It’s no wonder we see apathy or rage . We have been humbled by the lack of caring for US, the American worker and the American people in general.  However, if our leaders won’t help us, I have a plan to bring news of Activism on all levels of Society to you dear reader, whether we develop a newspaper together or use the Twitter Periscope or both, we will be connected to the news around our Country and the World.  It is my wish to develop an interactive platform to shine a light on reforms that are proposed in every area of our Society and enable you, my reader to feel you’re becoming part of the conversation.  One way or another we will all learn about each others accomplishments and be able to adapt those accomplishments in all of our communities.
Finally, through Social Media, we have a way to connect with each other and learn from each other.  We will feel less isolated.  With knowledge comes solutions.  We’re all in this together and we the People will prevail.
Sometimes, holding back and thinking about solutions, leads to a “new path”.    It is my wish to have an interactive dialog with my followers and anyone else wishing to join the conversation.  I’m going to Omaha, Nebraska for a few days, visiting friends and attending the 50th Anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway.  When I return,  I’ll be  ready to use Periscope and “crowdsourcing” , our collective wisdom,  to understand our Society and identify “the real players”.   That’s only the beginning!   I’ll announce my broadcasts on Facebook ,  Twitter and linked-in. in advance.   I welcome everyone’s participation.    It’s time to start a data base linking everyone’s thoughts, accomplishments and levels of activism.  We are ONE!

2 thoughts on “The voice of Joyce : Kvetching but hopeful

  1. I could not agree more. Up through the 1970s there was a reasonable sharing of increasing prosperity between the owners and the workers, but this started to change more than 40 years ago. Since then productivity improvement has delivered profit to owners and unemployment to workers in the USA. Financial innovation has enabled the net worth of families in the USA to be mined to enable the profligate buying of stuff that people don’t really need but corporates do because more sales is more profit.

    As a society, the corporate leadership has obtained most of what it wanted for 50 years. Meanwhile the position of working folk has been dramatically eroded. At some point the lies about US prosperity and going to provoke push back … and this may not be pretty.

    A small point with respect to the TPP … even if you really wanted to read the draft of the TPP you cannot because it is a secret. Even some people who are in Congress and have seen the document are not allowed to talk about it. I am all for transparency … and this is not what I understand transparency is all about.

    Peter B … Multi Dimension Impact Accounting

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I agree with you too! Transparency is the only way for us to understand and make informed decisions. How can we work together to continue to shine the light on inequality and effect change through the use of Social Media?

      Interested in working together for ” real” change?
      All the best.

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