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Dear Followers:

Yesterday, “the power of Magical thinking” became reality when I received an encouraging note from Justin Weingartner, the Political Cartoonist on this site.  He has committed to drawing more cartoons for our use.  He will also draw our Logo!


We’re on the way.  Not too soon!  The Financial Times has stated that the Middle Class in America has shrunk over 10% as many fell into poverty.


Tune in at 11am.  Now is the time to raise your voices in my and our support.  Start following me on my social media sites.  I have a goal of 250,000 “hits” on my Blog site “the Voice of Joyce”

10, 000+ followers, identifiable and the write in campaign that is required to put my name and others on the Ballot in all 50 States.    No more talking about our condition.  Silence is not an option.  All groups should be contacted to join us under one umbrella of grass roots support.  Let’s get the word out we’re a functioning movement waiting for the support of others and equally willing to support their efforts as well.


You don’t win wars by “half measures”.  Collin Powell was right when he claimed responsibility for the use of overwhelming power.  If we want to over turn the influence of money in Politics, we need a massive organization , a massive network to rely upon, to write a new story in American history.


American exceptionalism isn’t dead.  We’re just being squeezed.  Push back in defense of our Democracy is our right and our duty.

See you at 11am on Periscope!  Let’s  talk!.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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