Joyce: America Speaks Periscope@11AM 3rd party or 2?

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Leah asked a question yesterday, who else is doing what we’re doing?  I’ve thought and honestly, I don’t know.  There are many diverse groups in our Country but no cohesion and no consensus that the system is rotten.


Just like “The Big Short”, the latest film on the Financial meltdown of 2008.  6 People saw it coming prior to 2006.  I knew it had arrived by May 2007.  But had no idea that the consequences would destroy “our Democracy” and our way of life.


One candidate talks about the State of our Inequality, Bernie Sanders, labeled a Socialist and he’s been marginalized.


Based on our own experience, I think “folks” are in the middle.  Distrustful of establishment Politics and Politicians for good reason.  We speak to each other and listen to each others point of view.   By holding these “living room” chats, we’re probably more in touch with what’s important to Americans, then most.


I need to reaffirm your wishes, before I embarked on our manifesto? One more time, do we want a 3rd Party or do we work within existing Parties for change?


See you at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


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