Joyce : Party Platform “AMERICA Speaks”!

The origins of our Great Recession are many. Trillions of Dollars were squandered on our military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan , coupled with Banking and Mortgage Fraud,  our economy crashed in 2008.Many Americans have suffered , the Middle Class has been decimated. They have lost jobs, homes and hope for their future!


The times call for trustworthy leadership and honest talk about the challenges we face. We must begin anew with ” a goldilocks government”, a ” just right ” government accountable to ” we the People”.
I believe the American people have suffered quietly for too long. No more rhetoric or sweeping charismatic speakers are required to write our story. Whoever controls the Federal budget writes our story. I am not concerned with debt at this time but I am concerned with stimulus, controlled, accountable and available to rebuild our Nation’s infrastructure, guaranteeing good paying jobs at every level. The size of the stimulus and the scope of our reforms will determine whether ordinary AMERICAN ‘s continue the slide into poverty or  are able to recreate the American Dream of Prosperity. It is still morning in AMERICA and this is everyone’s choice to make.
Whoever claims us, claims our values and agrees to abide by our platform,  we will accept. Rhetoric no longer works, nor does the status quo. We embrace Republicans, Democrats, Independents; a “few decent folks”.
We do indeed possess an owners manual, whose very simplicity allows for broad interpretation . That’s why the Constitution endures. We the people are governed by the rule of Law. All the people , not just the Middle Class and the poor. We are all to be governed by the rule of law, independent of race, color or creed. Equality must be returned to the law, it is not enough to have law without justice. We the people expect fair judgement , independent of outside influence. Nothing else is acceptable.

Contrary to the 14 th Amendment that assumes wrongly that quid Quo pro is immediate , that amendment should be overturned. It has caused great hardship to the Middle Class, making it possible for various families and their agendas to control the hearts and minds of the Candidates, independent of the needs of the People. This is unacceptable.


  • Our Republic was based on creating a society that insures the rights of ” we the people.” Government by the people for the people. No lobbyists or outside influence was ever mentioned.


This week , as 700,000 LA students were left without their safe haven, their schools, many were also left without food. The homeless in our nation are growing disproportionately to the other classes and deserve a solution. That solution is not food stamps, but jobs. Good paying jobs leading to income growth and eventually , through hard work, affordable homes for families.

Compassionate leadership will bring our country back to it’s former glory. Many have suffered and more will continue to suffer as we lead the People to a new day. I can lead , but you, my dear followers must support me in numbers and money. Our old time values must prevail as we set a course on uncharted waters. No need to feel overly insecure about our National Security, we are safely bound by Canada to the North, Mexico to the South and two vast bodies of water. National security will be addressed later in our platform.

Our major concern, as we address our Societal needs are human rights, education and a good paying job. It is important to think Fiscal Stability and responsible accountable Fiscal Stimulus to create the jobs necessary to restore the Middle Class. We know the Middle Class is the back bone of our Country and the engine of change. They must be nurtured to thrive , survive and become the driving diverse group that was always the heart of our Nation.

It is possible we will make mistakes, but together we will readjust our course and try something new. One thing, among many, that I learned from Reform Judiaism , “Flexible women don’t get bent out of shape”. My feelings won’t be hurt if I err. But I will feel your pain and that will drive me to do better. Only hard work together will continue America’s assent. The quality of my leadership, is dependent upon you, my followers. We can never forget our bond in this great undertaking.


AMERICA and Americans depend upon a close alliance to rebuild our systems based on a framework that has existed for hundred’s of years. We have lost our way before, but always, we have had the will and the fortitude to rebuild. So it is today that I am asking you to put your faith in me and we will overcome our plight together.


Thank you listening.  Thank you for your support.  You’ve asked me to run for President and I am ready to lead a purpose driven life for US!  It is my desire to restore hope and stability to our Nation.  We are #1, but we can always do better.  Together, we can change our World at home and abroad.



I remain, “the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”  My Blog site all 550 plus posts represents my Political thoughts over the last three years.  Editing them for Publication, would be high on my wish list for a more inclusive “America Speaks” platform .  More Posts to follow! Read on, this is the beginning.  Thank you!

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