The Voice of Joyce: Say no to Texas Constutional Convention

Say No , to The constitutional Convention that may be convened by the State’s. Our Constitution works just fine. It’s the interpretation of of it that may not work for many of us.
However, those who would call this convention, have equally corrupt state governments. The money is not circulating to we the people. Rather the money rewards corporations with tax breaks that force we the people to pay for corporate employees who are underpaid. Our middle class, humbled as it is, pays to support food stamps, subsidies for the wealthy and custom legislation for a few. It serves us not at all to have a constitutional convention composed of existing state legislatures which are equally corrupt.


It would make SENSE to call a Constitutional Convention by “we the people” and vote to overturn Citizens United. The very rights the People’s convention wants to protect would be trashed  as  The State’s legislators re- shaped the constitution to their needs and destroyed the balance between the  existing branches of government.


We are disenfranchised because government no longer works for us , not because it is the wrong model or too big, The Federal Government, Like the State governments , are corrupt and influenced by big business and the Banks.

So, I say once again, “Don’t touch my constitution, unless you intend to over turn Citizens United and unless you improve voting rights! ”

The rest of what we the people want can be granted through taxation of Derivatives and millisecond trades. We want jobs and money available for a better way of life. Nothing else will do. Congressmen and women should be changed,  not the Constitution. The Constitution has endured because it is simply written to provide for the needs of the people. It worked for 190+ yrs , before money in Politics corrupted those responsible for the rights of “we the People”.

Not convinced yet , look at the op Ed , in The New York Times, by a Representative from NY , Steve Israel, who says he’s retiring from Congress to write a book rather then continue fund raising endlessly to maintain his seat .



I look forward to your comments and remain “the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Politics effects US!





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