The voice of Joyce: Choose Democracy

Based on the evidence of three economists ; Thomas Piketty, Angus Deaton, & Joseph Stiglitz , our”  State of Inequality” will continue unchecked unless and until , ” we the people”, understand what led us to Economic stagnation and we determine to unify and agree upon the solutions .

To further understand our predicament the Presidential politics are addressed in the context of today’s reality. The causes, consequences and solutions presented have appeared previously on ” the voice of Joyce”. The economists position presented to you,  corroborate my empirical findings.  Therefore, dear followers,  I implore you to act now on your own behalf. Time is  indeed of the essence

It is our choice, our voice, that is required to move beyond our “State of Inequality”. Only action directed toward reinstating and reforming our Laws will restore our Democracy. According to Justice Brandeis, “we can have Democracy or we can support plutocrats but we can’t have both’. 

Please read the following Posts , dear followers,  and let me how you think we can get to action on the issues that effect our lives now.

Please don’t choose to wait 20 yrs. !  Every day delayed entrenches the elite classes and “bad ” policy.  Since, according to 3 reputable Economists, the needs of the top earners in our Country  are insatiable , action on our behalf is more urgent.


Don’t delay. Don’t retreat into victim hood being in control of our own destiny is preferable even if we don’t initially succeed In America we can fail lose and try again. Nothing is sweeter than regaining our dignity and well being. We have wants and needs too that must be addressed in public !

All the best dear followers. Please do comment and let’s move forward on our chosen agenda together.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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