The voice of Joyce:  Be angry, the system is rigged! 

Say No, to Clinton! The thought grabs many , I’m sure.  Her network of well connected friends will keep inequality alive. The top 1% didn’t get there based on merit, they got their money by helping each other and sitting on their friends Boards. How can you decline compensation for a friend?

Worse, she advocates Dodd Frank , which has limited enforcement of the  regulations, while  condemning  Glass Steagall,  the best legislation we had for monetary stability .   Under Bill Clinton’s  watch Glass Steagall was abolished,  Derivatives  were introduced and encouraged as financial instruments, and the  law separating the activities of government employees and lobbyists or big business was overturned.   We know the consequences of  overturning of these laws, the rise of Inequality and  money  in politics.


The Fannie and Freddie debacle was caused by cronyism .   The Washington elite sat idly by as millions lost their homes .  Bipartisan support  changed the Bankruptcy laws to ensure the loss of homes in a Financial Crisis and continuing Student loan debt.   As you continue reading, you’ll find,  there is enough wrongdoing on both sides of the aisle to be “Mad as Hell”!

Today, the front cover of Foreign Affairs magazine, blazes with the banner ” The World is flat”, ” surviving with slow growth”. Why? Why should the Middle Class get used to this dreadful under utilized economy that supports the needs of a few over of the needs of the many?  Worse, if our State of Inequality continues it will take years to catch up!  We are losing a generation of people, between the ages of 20-60 , who could have been the next Thurgood Marshall or Mark Zuckerberg, but they’re stifled .  They lack food, education, a good job.  We’re making it impossible for most people to experience, well being .  There is, in many cases not enough nourishment to keep the creative juices flowing.  All this misery for the many because an elite few have rigged our system and ensures that there is no upward mobility for all.


How did we concentrate money in the upper classes ?   We rigged our institutions and the market by rewarding  cronyism and  customized personal and Corporate taxation.  We can thank the Republican Party for fostering a hatred of taxes while creating laws to benefit the Wealthy and large Corporations.    Who likes to pay taxes? Every time, I paid Sales tax, I complained and paid!   Angus Deaton, the 2015 noble laureate in economics , confirmed ” our State of Inequality “” is based on a rigged system, that takes away the rights of labor, by eliminating unions and disingenuously supports taxation favoring Big Business and Banks. People who could be change agents can’t get the education or the money and connections needed to move our society and themselves forward.”

“Both sides of the aisle have fostered hatred of each other in order to concentrate their power over the masses. ”  They’ve been successful. People are suffering. They struggle to maintain a roof over their heads. No one in the top 1-5% is listening. Why should they? They don’t wish to give up the ” golden goose”, they’ve created.


Employee well being is not the concern of Corporations or their boards or shareholders. The well being of American citizens is no one’s concern. Don’t be fooled by rhetoric! Immigrants and globalization are not the problem, the problem is a rigged system of government that exists on the money of lobbyists and big business .

  • Poor and middle class folks don’t have the money to influence Politics.
  • The lack of unity among us diminishes our clout.
  •  As a litmus test for who we support in government, think who will provide jobs and good job programs to promote our well being now. If someone wants to advocate for the middle class, let them come forward and push Corporate , Banking or Derivative tax through Congress now.
  • Why are Presidential Candidates waiting to demonstrate their support of the Middle Classes ,  rhetoric no matter how polished is only talk!   Show us,  the impoverished Middle Class, how you can mobilize your network and create a more equitable Society now.  Show you care about the Middle Class and the young by letting accountable stimulus money flow into good paying jobs now as we prepare to build a Country for the 22nd Century?

Thank you for reading, dear followers, I remain, “the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


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